How to write a report on the course

Each student eventually faced with something like a report on an internship. In addition, sometimes it happens that the seemingly simple task stopped the student. The reasons can be both. Either practice was terribly unhappy and write anything, or young professionals just do not know how to properly organize their impressions “fieldwork.” However, subject to certain rules of writing and designing the report are no longer a problem.


The first thing to remember what happened in practice. If it seems that there is nothing interesting or standing has not happened, ask others to tell you about it. Remembered this is it and have to write, but we must not forget that the work of your practice will check curator.

Report on the course by definition subjectively. In the introduction, the student must justify their choice of why they use their abilities; he chose this or that organization. It will be nice if he would describe the market situation and the place occupied by this company, as well as possible opportunities for career and career development. The introduction must also specify the period for the completion of the practice.

The main part is to tell your supervisor how to actually practice and what you have learned. It is possible to describe in detail the structure of the (department) where you defined an education: problems in the department, the number and responsibility of the staff, your personal contribution to work. Evaluate the effectiveness and the need to have their own. It is also possible to describe the challenges and possible solutions in detail. However, do not be involved in self-flagellation! Provide a positive experience, success and knowledge.

Finally, you must write a conclusion. You must have at least a few. For example, how you have chosen the place of training fit the real problems and the decision you made at the university. Sometimes (but it depends on the curator of the university), students can share their suggestions for optimizing the organization, which aligns the practice.

The report on the practice is not creating without equity, small volume, so that the traditional problems of the student does not lead, unlike, for example, the thesis. Many sites offer degree books to write, but to help the practice of no offers with the work on the report.