Ways of Eliminating Bullying in Schools


Bullying has taken root in many schools bringing about adverse effects on the victims. Some of those bullied suffer from low self-esteem and felt less appreciated and loved by everyone. Bullying in some cases has even led to victims committing suicide, indicating that it is a far-reaching issue that needs to be addressed. (Winkler, 2005)


Best ways to deal with bullying in my school

In my school, many students have fallen victims to the bullying menace and in most cases they suffer in silence. In my opinion, the solutions involve both the bullies and the bullied. Firstly, the school should have facts about bullying situations, who the bullies are and their victims. Secondly, the school with the help of counselors, psychologists, sociologists and other experts needs to interact with the bullies so as to understand the reason behind their behavior. Through this method, they will find out why a student will decide to torment others. (Shapiro, 2014)

It may be because of low self-esteem and, therefore, use bullying to cater for this need, or it may be as a result of neglect and lack of love in their home environment. The school also needs to understand why a student will allow himself to be someone’s punching bag or slave. By doing so,  the school finds the cause and remedy to bullying. (Lines, 2007)


In conclusion, the school needs to understand the underlying issues behind the behavior of bullying for it to be able to treat the bullying menace from its roots.