May 24, 2017

“Slaughterhouse-Five” by Kurt Vonnegut

The first impression that I remember from ancient, the very first reading of the book – this discrepancy name. I do not know how things are in other people – but I have (after all re-read bestsellers, apparently) called “Slaughterhouse-Five” conjures up a variety of images … and does not coincide with the actual content of the novel. Therefore, it goes. So all the time with the classics, from which quotes were borrowed – you start to eat it with reverence and discover that the descendants and followers somehow be brighter, and the merit of the classics that he was the first. Such emotions, I have been, among others, HG Wells, and Kurt Vonnegut.

Of course, the classics of science fiction to be read and bow before them immensely – both in front of the pioneers of the unknown planets. Books Vonnegut, speaking today bawdy terminology – its fantastic social; so that no longer science fiction at all. It is just amazing how he manages to convey their pain and concern for each of the people, the fear for the planet as a whole and for a fraction of the human race…


“Slaughterhouse” – a book about the bombing of Dresden with almost no descriptions of the bombing itself. Because it cannot look back. Because it is impossible to stay in your mind, having experienced or saw the like. This book is about that war – is stupid and absurd process, which are the driving force is not some abstract heroic soldiers and stupid, useless and confusing children. Do not think, hiding in fantasy, boasting and inventions. In addition, no matter how old these children – the human mind is weak, and lacking support habitual reality, surely escapes beyond the horizon, breaking off a thin leash humanity.

In fact, the perception of the world, Billy Pilgrim – the protagonist of the book – is not so confusing as to frighten prefaces. Each of us here ever so fitfully roam the pieces of their lives, making the bizarre twists in time. Even without the help of aliens from Trafalgar … removal, apathetic perception of half-crazy Billy is the best exposes all the wildest absurdity, which had to pass through a miserable soldiers, thrown into a pointless crusade. Each is saved as it may – Billy was lucky, he opened one of the main secrets of being strange but friendly aliens. You just have to “ignore the bad and focus on the good minutes”, because any of the time points is eternal, and we are both alive and dead, cry and laugh, go to the first class and the altar…

“Slaughterhouse-Five” – one of those books that you want to re-read several times. It is full of moments and images described and unsophisticated because so real and cuts to the quick. It is filled with stories that could pass for a parable, if not for the lack of any coherent morality and the inability to draw conclusions. Because the logic of lies, and the horror and stupidity of war need to feel the heart and soul, without exaltation and romanticization without rapture eerie detail, and with compassion, shame and pity. Yes, humanity has come up with a lot of explanation and justification in hindsight, in emphasis not notice some of the nuances and details…

If you have more romantic illusions about war and warriors – be sure to read “Slaughterhouse-Five”. Kurt Vonnegut was there, his information – first-hand. All other book is recommended as a pill from addiction to accusatory deeper meaning in life events. He is not – simply “this was the moment of the structure.”

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