“Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë

There are literary works, to which want to touch, turning the pages, read a chapter or even immerse themselves in a new reading. In my list of one of these literary masterpieces – the novel “Jane Eyre” English novelist Charlotte Brontë.

I first became acquainted with the work of the writer in his early youth, when such a romantic story caused a storm of emotions, tears of joy and sadness, dreams about his own love, and of a bright future. I admit that any book is usually read from the first to the last line, but sometimes “swallow” reading for a short time, limiting the real life only reading, and sometimes – save the reading or stretch the pleasure of a very long period. With the novel, “Jane Eyre” happened a strange story: the first time a novel read “avidly”, the second and subsequent times – with long breaks to serious reflection on his own life. Probably, this is the influence of classical literature to the general reader, when it is impossible to say unequivocally “not-like-like” because it is much more difficult.


Therefore, I go back to Brontë’s “Jane Eyre” storyline of the novel Charlotte. Girl with a gentle soul, unpretentious good looks and strong character takes life stages. I have to say, the head of the description Jane lives in a school for girls are sad picture, where there is a place of violence, misunderstanding. However, this is not a desire to quit reading, on the contrary – we want to learn how to overcome the entire hero. I always thought that life at the school took place exclusively under a gray sky, where there is no room for even a Sunbeam. The girl grew up, from the student moved into the ranks of teachers, then – the long-awaited freedom, life for the dark places walls. In addition, of course, met with great love. Nevertheless, it is better to learn from the chapters of the novel, as well as about the mystical events in the house of Mr. Rochester, where Jane is governess, raising the lovely Adele.

As already noticed resource readers, I do not like to repeat favorite books, classic works and essays. The reason lies in my belief – the writer is doing much better! The book could be summarized in such a way that does not want to give her precious free time or interest to their subjective opinions of potential readers, and they will be deeply disappointed after reading of a work. I want to advise reading “Jane Eyre” to those who dream of love, or those whose life is almost at a dead end – no gaps and bad. First, the novel opens once again that in my life except for the glossy “stunning” beauty there is inner beauty, which is responsible for the kindness, compassion, understanding the other person. In fact, very romantic work of Charlotte Brontë created back in 1847, it is a tool to survive and keep her persuasion and gentle at the same time true feelings in our real world.

History says that the events of early childhood education in the women’s boarding school novel hero is almost completely coincide with real events in the life of the writer, which means that there are real prototypes of the characters. In addition, write about this kind of love, full of unpredictable twists and testing, I think, can only be based on personal impressions. If we talk about colors and shades in the language of the novel, I would dare to dye it a literary work in the gray, twisted scarlet stripe true love.

The novel was made into a movie several times, you can see the television series and feature films on the big screen. However, I decided not to see the film version of the novel, the impressions of which very much value.