Is Nurse Blake a real RN?

Is Nurse Blake a real RN?

An Orlando native, Blake Lynch graduated with his BSN from the University of Central Florida in 2014. While he has worked in a variety of nursing roles ranging from medical-surgical to trauma and ICU, Lynch doubles as an internet sensation known as “Nurse Blake”.

What makes a good nurse director?

Nurse managers are expected to make decisions and solve problems as part of the job. Critical thinking — analysis, evaluation, inference, problem-solving, and deductive reasoning — play an important role in making decisions and solving problems.

Is Director of Nursing a hard job?

Becoming a Director of Nursing requires hard work, dedication, and determination. You need to be able to multitask, have strong leadership skills, clinical skills, and communication skills. This position requires years of dedication and multiple levels of advanced education and certifications.

What does it mean to be a director of Nursing?

Directors of Nursing (DON), also known as nurse directors, are registered nurses (RNs) who assume responsibility in an administrative capacity combing years of clinical nursing experience, education, and managerial skills to develop organizational structure and standards of care.

Who is the director of Nursing in Canada?

_CareCorp Seniors Services is a contracted services provider to the senior care community in complex care and assisted living settings, providing services… Monitors the quality of nursing services and administers long term strategic plans for nursing,. Ensures nursing team works in a safe workplace environment…

Can a director of Nursing serve as a charge nurse?

The director of nursing may only serve as a charge nurse when the facility’s average daily census is 60 or fewer residents The QSO memo regarding the use is Payroll-Based Journal staffing data for Nursing Home Compare and the Five Star Quality Rating staffing domain emphasizes the importance of RN hours in the nursing home.

Who is the director of Nursing at Schlegel villages?

Directors of Nursing Care at Schlegel Villages manage all aspects of HR for the clinical and nursing teams as well as directing clinical programs and managing… More… Providing leadership, coaching and support to the nursing staff.

What kind of person is a director of Nursing?

Directors of nursing should be caring and empathetic people. Though their position requires much more administrative than clinical duties, they still deal with doctors, administrators, other nurses, orderlies, patients and the general public and therefore should enjoy working with and being around people.

Who is Sarah from registered nurse on YouTube?

Sarah has precepted many students on the job, and she has taught thousands of students and nurses through her website and YouTube channel. Her true passion is teaching students and helping new nurses succeed. She is also a Christian, wife (14+ years), a mother to her son and expecting another baby soon.

Is the profession of registered nurse in demand?

Nursing is in high demand, and the profession is expected to grow even more. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that employment for registered nurses alone is expected to grow 16% between years 2014 and 2024, much faster than the average for all occupations.

What kind of Nursing did Sarah go to?

Please SUBSCRIBE & share our videos with others! Sarah (BSN, RN) graduated from nursing school in 2009 with honors (magna cum laude). She passed NCLEX on her first try & has worked as a bedside nurse in a variety of settings, including progressive care (PCU), telemetry, and medical-surgical.