How do you research a career?

How do you research a career?

Career Research ChecklistTake several career assessment tests. If you’re not yet sure of your career direction, completing a few career assessment tests should be your first step in researching potential careers. Develop a plan. Read books. Reach out to your network. Familiarize yourself. Get a temp job. Job Shadowing. Become a volunteer.

How do you write a good research report?

7 Steps to a Successful Research ReportChoose a topic. It should be a subject he can understand and one that interests him.Make a plan. Create a calendar together to map out the process.Check with the teacher. Conduct research and take notes. Outline the project. Write the report. Edit and reread the report.

What is the final step in doing research?

The final step is to report the research findings to those who need the data to make decisions. The findings should be presented in a comprehensible format so that they can be readily used in the decision making process.