“The Great Gatsby” by Francis Fitzgerald Book Review

One of the brightest representatives of the twentieth century literature – F. Scott Fitzgerald – on the pages of the novel “The Great Gatsby” describes an unforgettable and exciting love story. This is a great product to provide true delight fans of classic foreign literature.

Mysterious Mr. Gatsby. He lives in a luxury villa on Long Island. It is in New York when someone knows. Every weekend in his house as fashionable go now to be expressed, the local elite at his expense to be cheerful. The owner never scrimp on the alcohol and snacks, musicians and fireworks. He did not worry about the condition of the house after a party because it works a whole pull cleaner. In the unanimous opinion of the tribunals everywhere in the county no longer attractive and interesting places for entertainment as Villa Gatsby.


Only a few of the guests knew the hosts. Almost no one knows what he is doing, and even more – where he has so much money. Mr. Gatsby person is wrapped in an aura of mystery – and the idle townspeople is much more than reality. Everyone draws it to enjoy the hospitality of the generous master rather than thinking about what purpose are arranged all these luxurious parties.

A Gatsby every week for just one thing waiting – when the threshold of his house, the only one for which all these crosses started…

Accidentally placed in the neighborhood of the house of the person sits the Gatsby can associate with his beloved, and a mysterious gentleman opted for the most important adventures of his life, whose purpose – to find out whether to revive the true love, even if it is only for A person fights?

I began reading this book when it came to the divorce. It is, frankly, to read, motivate better than all psychology books. The man who decided to make himself. In addition, without the “New Monday” waiting without the “well I’ll smoke one and throw the last.” The man stretched to the next level. Thank you that life has thrown the book at a right moment!

This is not a novel about a beautiful life. Although, of course, it seems that the words sounded in jazz music, poured from the side’s uncontrolled laughter, spray of expensive champagne … and the noise between the steps of a lonely man, without experiencing emotions was the next Celebration of life, organized and paid by itself to observe. A lonely man who decided that he loves … but it seems to me, his affection is any of a variety of names – the passion, tenderness, longing, desire for change to motivate attraction, but … I do not know Love. I am not an avid man, and not greedy for glamor and splendor. Really, I can only be happy for the people who have found peace and comfort. Moreover, this book is just that no money, no luxury, no crazy luxury party with many people are not able to compensate for the lack of simple human happiness. In addition, the end is logical and predictable.

Sometimes difficult to read as such due to the lack of effect. However, for me a very valuable book in which, even if no external action is intense inner combat heroes. Try to penetrate into the inner world of characters … one of them in this world of glitter, glamor and masks … What all this book now, and that melts at sunrise … Read it for every need. Nevertheless, at the same time, that someone will be enough to admire the elegant facade, external, and only a few will long walk along the dark and twisted passages of the human soul in the secluded small space.

In addition, I repeat for the umpteenth time – the soul must work! Somehow, I inspire this book, these words. Moreover, the souls of the heroes in this case forget what work. Make something of yourself, Gatsby did … But whether he has filled his soul?