Can we terminate an employee on maternity leave?

Can we terminate an employee on maternity leave?

Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act 2017 has not brought any change on the aspect of termination of a women employees’ services on account of her maternity status. One such obligation which has been set out is that the employer cannot terminate services of a woman employee who is on maternity leave.

Can I be sacked for not turning up to work?

Employers should not jump to conclusions that the employee has simply taken the decision not to turn up for work. Employers may be left in the position where they have no other option but to consider dismissing the employee because of the prolonged length of the unauthorised absence.

How to keep negative employees from spoiling the party?

Have guidelines for appropriate behavior such as professionalism, taking initiative and respect for others in your company policies or employee handbooks. It becomes part of your company culture. Make behavioral competencies part of the employee’s quarterly/annual/etc. performance evaluation.

What happens when an employee misses eleven days of work?

But, none of your feelings matter when the employee is not performing his job . In a technology company, an employee attended her termination meeting. In the month prior to her termination, the employee had missed eleven days of work.

Which is an example of a good staff roster?

An example of this is when restaurant managers schedule more employees for lunch and dinner hours than lunch. Managers will stagger start times and shift lengths so more staff is available to shorten the time customers wait to be served. Get started with these tips for building a roster that supports your business goals. 1.

What should you not do when firing an employee?

Because you are kind, caring, and tend to give employees another chance. But, these are the top 10 things you do not want to do when you do decide to fire an employee. How you fire an employee is incredibly important. Do not fire an employee using any electronic method —no emails, IMs, voicemails, or phone calls.

What to do about an employee who disregards your requests?

But the bigger issue than the instant messages thing is that this employee commonly disregards your requests. That’s not okay, it’s a big deal, and you need to address that forthrightly.

How to deal with employees who refuse to follow instructions?

Ignoring individuals who refuse to follow instructions is to set standards for other people in the team to follow. Other employees will not do what you want them to do. You cannot let that situation develop. You may avoid dealing with insubordinate employees because you do not want to provoke a more negative attitude.

What does it mean when an employee refuses to do a job?

If an employee refuses to follow your instructions, that is being insubordinate. Insubordination is the act of refusing to do signed work or to obey a leader . An employee can refuse to do a job quietly or openly challenging the manager’s instructions, or showing negative body language .

How to deal with an employee who rubs people the wrong way?

Stick to the facts. State neutral observations of your employee’s actions and then describe the impact of their behavior and why you believe it’s problematic. After you’ve said your piece, ask your employee for their perspective. The goal is to get them to think about their style and approach. And finally, engage in joint problem solving.