Where was the family photo taken on the beach?

Where was the family photo taken on the beach?

With families taking road trips to their local beach or jetting off to places such as Spain or Jamaica, the collection is sure to get a few new additions in the weeks to come. One of the snaps shows a smiling family posing for a happy photo on a beach – with a sunbather in a lewd position behind them.

Who is the photographer in the old photos?

The scene immediately reminded Augspurger of old family photos and he decided to tone the image to match the getup. The Portland photographer has acquired a huge assortment of vintage clothes to help establish the look and is constantly on the hunt for new props he thinks will make a good photo.

What did photographers look like in the 80s?

Raised in the 1980s, Augspurger recalls sitting for family portraits during the heyday of cheesy mall photography. “I still remember when companies like Olan Mills would set up their lights in the basement of the church and hit you with their flash,” he says. He was first inspired when he bought a set of ’80s Photogenic FlashMaster lights.

Who are the photographers that take family pictures?

In the family room of her Manhattan home, actress and model Brooke Shields displays photos of herself and her children, taken by photographers Annie Leibovitz and Robert Mapplethorpe, next to fine art photographs by the likes of Richard Avedon.

What did kids look like in the 80s?

3. If you were a kid in the ’80s, you likely have a school photo like this somewhere. “Me in preschool, circa 1987.” 4. You definitely had your own badass Big Wheels. “My brother’s shirt. And shorts. And socks. And hair. And those Big Wheels.

Who are some famous people from the 80s?

7. If you met a celebrity, it was probably one who screamed ’80s. “This is me, my mom, and Dolph Lundgren, from He-Man and Rocky IV fame!” 8. For the record, 1986 World Series champion Darryl Strawberry definitely screamed ’80s. “This is my fiancé with Darryl Strawberry in 1987.

Where was the most popular place in the 80s?

“This photo was taken in San Clemente, California, around 1984 after my grandpa and the Juice played tennis together. #babyintuition” 12. If you were a kid in the ’80s you surely had an Alf doll. “Middle school tragedy. Jheri curl, broken glasses, and an Alf doll. This girl had a boyfriend but the 2016 me does not. Hmm.” 13.