Who was the 64 year old grandmother that was robbed?

Who was the 64 year old grandmother that was robbed?

A 64-year-old grandmother was robbed in broad daylight ahead of Lunar New Year celebrations. What happened: According to KTVU, the victim had left the bank with more than $1,000 in cash for Lunar New Year. As she got in her car parked at a Vietnamese market, another car came and blocked her way.

When can grandparents get custody of a grandchild?

If the grandparents are not the only relatives able and willing to care for the child, the court determines who is the best individual to have custody based on the child’s best interests. The grandchild and custodial parent were already living with the grandparents.

Can a grandchild live with a grandparent?

The parents left a will naming the grandparents as guardians. The child wants to live with the grandparents. Courts also consider the grandparents’ age, health, and financial situation when assessing how well they can care for their grandchild.

What happens to a child when the custodial parent dies?

If the custodial parent dies, the court’s first choice is often to place the child with the other parent, even if that parent has not been actively involved in the child’s life. The second choice tends to be a close blood relative.

Can a court give custody to a grandparent?

A constitutionally permissible law that allows a court to award custody to a grandparent often requires the grandparent to: In such cases the grandparents and the biological parents are not on equal footing.

Can a grandfather get custody of a granddaughter in NC?

It can be a grandmother seeking custody or a grandfather or both grandparents seeking custody. It matters not whether the child is a grandson or granddaughter. In the Triad, a court in Greensboro, North Carolina might interpret and apply the law differently than a court in Asheboro, even though it is the same law.

Can a grandparent get custody of a child in Washington State?

According to Washington law, grandparents do not have legal custody or visitation rights to their grandchildren. At one point, Washington had a law granting grandparents permission to petition for visitation of a child if the child’s parents were seeking a divorce.

What are the conditions for grandparent visitation rights?

Conditions for grandparent visitation rights include a determination of whether a parent is deceased, the child’s parents’ marriage has been dissolved or separated, the whereabouts of one or both of the child’s parents are unknown, or the child is not residing with either parent.