Where can I find out how much I can sue a contractor for?

Where can I find out how much I can sue a contractor for?

One way to find out the amount of damages to which you’re entitled is to go to the website of the board or agency that licenses contractors in your state. Information is also available on the state court’s website, at a public law library, or at a legal self-help center.

Can a homeowner sue a construction company?

If you are a homeowner and are unhappy with a contractor’s work, you may be able to sue the contractor on your own. Suing a contractor can be a time consuming and stressful experience. There are many steps involved in filing a successful lawsuit, including collecting evidence and calculating damages.

Can a contractor be sued for breach of contract?

As can be seen, suing a contractor typically requires that you first prove there was a breach of contract, or at a minimum an agreement for services to be performed. Regardless of whether you have a written contract or not, suing a contractor is often a complicated and lengthy process. This is especially true since state laws vary.

Can a contractor be sued in Small Claims Court?

If the contractor fails to show up, you may win your case by default. If you find you cannot sue in small claims court, you can still sue in civil court, although it is more complicated and takes longer. Filing a lawsuit in civil court is an option if you are looking for the contractor to do something as part of the contract.

How many years do I have to sue a contractor?

How Many Years Do I Have to Sue a Contractor? In Pennsylvania, the shortest time for contractor statutes of limitations is two years, and this time limit is set for negligent or intentional actions that results in injury to people or property. A longer statute of limitation of four years is given to cases where a breach of contract has occurred.

Can a contractor sue without a contract?

In some circumstances, contractors may be able to sue without a formal contract in place, and in other cases, a lawsuit will not be possible. It’s common for contractors to wonder if they can file a lien without a written contract in place. In the construction industry, verbal contracts are much more common than they are in other fields.

What can I sue an unlicensed contractor for in?

Finally you may also file a lawsuit on an unlicensed contractor. For example, if they violated the provisions of the contract for the job, you may have a claim for “breach of contract.” Let’s say they did the work but the work was done poorly, you may sue for “construction defect.” Or maybe they ran off with tools you allowed them to use to get the job done.

Can a contractor sue the homeowner?

Even without a lien, a contractor can often sue a homeowner for simple breach of contract. This lawsuit can be brought in regular civil court, or in small claims court, depending on the amount in dispute (disputes that are for less than a few thousand dollars will usually be directed to a dedicated small claims judge).