When is the closing date for DJJ facilities?

When is the closing date for DJJ facilities?

SB 92 sets a defined closure date of June 30, 2023 for all DJJ facilities. This builds on the Administration’s commitment to providing more treatment and rehabilitative services for youth closer to home.

How to claim Jobcentre Plus new style JSA?

Call Jobcentre Plus to claim ‘new style’ Jobseeker’s Allowance ( JSA ). There are different contact details for: You can also claim Jobseeker’s Allowance online. Call Jobcentre Plus to ask for alternative formats, such as braille, large print or audio CD.

Can a jobseeker claim holiday pay in lieu of notice?

You cannot claim a jobseeker’s payment for any day that you are receiving holiday pay (see below). During your period of notice you should receive your normal pay. This also applies if you are paid in lieu of notice. Employment legislation sets down that if an employer and an employee agree, the employee can waive their right to notice.

How many DJJ’s are arrested in California each year?

As a result, DJJ’s population represents less than one percent of the 225,000 youths arrested in California each year. This population has committed serious and/or violent felonies that requires intensive treatment services conducted in a structured and secure environment.

Who is the director of scdjj juvenile justice?

The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (SCDJJ), at the request and under the leadership of Director Pough, has begun transitioning its data and information from a static paper format to a real-time electronic format.

What does DJJ stand for in South Carolina?

The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) Regionalization Initiative represents a fundamental shift in how committed youth will be served by South Carolina’s juvenile correctional system.

Is there a data warehouse in scdjj?

With the creation of this Data and Information Hub, SCDJJ finally has an Agency Data Warehouse. Any staff member or stakeholder needing data for a report the Agency can produce it from the Data and Information Hub.