What kind of surgery was done on a one day old baby?

What kind of surgery was done on a one day old baby?

The University Medical Center in Lebanon, Tennessee, got its fair share of medical never events after a one-day-old baby named Nate underwent a tongue-clipping surgery (frenulectomy) he didn’t need. This surgery removes the tissue connecting the tongue to the floor of the mouth.

Who are the people that got suspended from surgery?

Hospital authorities suspended the neurosurgeon, anesthetist, and two nurses who were involved with the surgery. In a twist of fate, the patient who was supposed to have the surgery no longer needed it as his situation was already improving.

What was the name of the hospital Santillan had surgery at?

Philanthropist Mack Mahoney read about her story in a newspaper and footed her medical bills for surgery at Duke University Hospital. Santillan underwent the surgery on February 7, 2003. But it only worsened her situation because the doctors used organs from a donor with the wrong blood type.

What are the worst things that can happen during surgery?

They include but are not limited to patients falling off hospital beds, doctors using the wrong procedures for treatment, doctors forgetting surgical equipment in the bodies of patients, and doctors performing surgeries on the wrong patients. Here, we will focus on never events that happened during surgery.

How to talk to your employer about getting surgery?

Talk openly about when you expect to come back to work and whether you will need special accommodations upon your return. You can also ask your employer if they would like your help training the person who will take over your duties while you are gone. The more helpful you are, the more willing your employer will be to work with you.

How much money did anthem pay for surgery?

Candyce Ayn, a Georgia resident who recently underwent surgery with an out-of-network doctor, said she received more than $3,500 from Anthem, but she said that amount paled in comparison to the more than $240,000 sent to a family member by Anthem after a surgery a few years ago.

Why do insurance companies skip doctors and hospitals?

Critics say it’s a revenge tactic against doctors, hospitals, treatment facilities and other medical providers that don’t agree to insurance companies’ demands to be “in-network,” by making them chase down money. The insurance industry disputes any such characterization.

What should employees know about the family and medical?

Don’t wait for a family health crisis to understand FMLA guidelines. Experiencing personal health problems ranks near the top of the list of life’s stressors. But according to the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory, a major change in the health of a family member isn’t far behind.