What happens if a nurse is convicted of a DUI?

What happens if a nurse is convicted of a DUI?

If arrested for a DUI, a nurse should contact an attorney right away. It’s pretty safe to say that getting convicted of a DUI is a life-changing event, and can be even more so for a nurse.

What causes a nurse to lose their license?

The most common reasons why nurses lose their licenses are related to intentional acts that violate laws or the policies of the healthcare facility, such as drug abuse, neglect, and engaging in unprofessional conduct. Thomas Uzuegbunem BSN RN

How can I get my nursing license back after a DUI?

If you have already retained a DUI attorney, we can work with our DUI specialist to ensure that your DUI is handled in the best possible way to protect your license. If you have already been convicted of a DUI, we can assist you in reporting the conviction to the board and help negotiate a favorable outcome.

Can a board of Nursing revoke your license?

The Board of Nursing (BRN) cannot revoke your RN license without first filing an Accusation against you, showing a substantial violation of the Nurse Practice Act. A nurse’ RN license will only be revoked for 3 reasons: 1.)

Can a nurse lose their license for a DUI?

In fact, our RN license defense attorneys have defended thousands of clients and we have NEVER had a nurse lose their RN licensee for a DUI, not ever. In most cases, if the RN is convicted of a standard first offense DUI, they will eventually have an Accusation filed by the BRN calling for revocation of their RN license.

What happens to your license if you get a DUI?

Licensing boards have a vast range of fines and sanctions they can impose on you as a result of a DUI and DWI. When determining the sanction they will impose on you, they generally consider: actual damage caused by violation. What Should You Do After a DUI?

Can you go to nursing school with a DUI?

If you’re more than willing to pursue a successful nursing career, or already are in school, getting a DUI might or might not impact your education. A lot of schools don’t deny your admission based on misdemeanor DUI conviction. However, while getting admission to school you would have to look into their criminal conviction policies.

Do you report a DUI to the Board of Nursing?

It may be tempting not to report a DUI to the board of nursing. This is a bad idea, as it may be reported by law enforcement, or they may find out by other means. Discipline may be more extensive if a nurse tries to sweep it under the rug.