What does it mean to reclassify a position?

What does it mean to reclassify a position?

A position reclassification is the assignment of a new job profile and/or grade profile to an existing position. Human Resources bases this change on an evaluation of the duties, responsibilities, scope, impact, and minimum qualifications of the position. The evaluation may result in a change to the job profile and grade profile; and,…

When to notify the incumbent of a position classification?

When the review is complete, the Campus Human Resources office will notify the department of the results of the position classification. The department is to notify the incumbent, if any, of the review results. See section Reconsideration Request of a Position Classification Decisionbelow for concerns over classification decisions.

When to notify an employee of a retrograde reclassification?

An employee who accepts a retrograde reclassification may be subject to the New Hire guidelines regarding salary placement see New Hires above. If it is determined that a decrease in salary is required, the department must provide the employee written notification at least 90 days prior to the implementation of the reclassification.

When do you get a pay increase for reclassification?

The effective date is noted on the Notification of Position Classification Review. If a pay increase is deemed appropriate for a reclassification, standard practice for the increase is up to 10% per grade or to at least the new salary range minimum.

The evaluation of a vacant or occupied position based upon a substantial increase in the level of complexity, or a marked change in the assigned duties and responsibilities, is generally referred to as a reclassification request or job audit.

What happens when you reclassify a position at UMBC?

Reclassification of a position could result in a position being moved up or down in status and level of compensation. Factors used to determine level of compensation are based upon university, system-wide, state and national comparison and analysis. Requests of this nature are handled as follows:

Why did Aundre Hyatt reclassify from high school?

I’ve had multiple people ask me what ‘reclassifying’ means when it comes to guys like Bagley, Jontay Porter and most recently Aundre Hyatt – who just announced he would reclassify and join LSU in the class of 2018. What it means is they are essentially skipping their senior year of high school to play college ball.

Why do NBA players have to reclassify before high school?

Age does play a role here obviously. A player could be held back before high school for various reasons and if they blow up a bit more, you’re trying to reclassify as quick as possible. There are a lot of variables involved and it changes with each person, but ultimately the goal is to get to the NBA Draft as quick as possible.