What does administrative leave mean in the workplace?

What does administrative leave mean in the workplace?

D. Other Administrative Leave: Administrative leave is a general leave status, initiated by the supervisor, which is paid.

What does administrative leave at University of Washington mean?

University of Washington Human Resources Home. Administrative leave — also known as home assignment — temporarily relieves an employee of their normal job responsibilities. The employee is asked to remain at home during regular work hours but continues to receive regular pay and benefits.

How does OPM regulate the use of administrative leave?

As previously noted, OPM does not regulate the use of administrative leave. This authority rests with each agency head. With this in mind, OPM recommends that agencies review their current policies regarding the proper use of administrative leave.

What are the steps in the leave management process?

Here are the main steps of the leave management process. A leave policy consists of various criteria to be set for employee’s and the organization’s benefit. Here are in-depth categories for configuring the policy.

What does administrative leave mean?

Administrative leave. Administrative leave is a temporary leave from a job assignment, with pay and benefits intact.

What is paid administrative leave?

Administrative leave generally refers to situations in which you receive paid time off for education, personal emergencies or other non-health related reasons. In cases of alleged employee misconduct in which an investigation is required, your company can put you on administrative leave where you’re relieved of your duties with pay.

What is leave administrator?

Job Description for Leave Administrator. Leave administrators typically work in the human resources (HR) departments of organizations and assist in the establishment and maintenance of leave-schedules for office employees. They typically manage leaves of absence for employees, including family medical leaves, American Disability Act leaves,…