What can you do to strengthen your thesis statement?

What can you do to strengthen your thesis statement?

Here are a few ways that you can strengthen your thesis even after you’ve written a first draft.Make it pass the So what? test. Why does your point of view matter? Make it specific. Eliminate vague and generic words. Make it concise. Make it argumentative. Make it match the contents of the paper.

What are the qualities of thesis statement?

Qualities: 1) A good thesis statement is a claim, not a statement of fact, a question, or an observation. 2) A good thesis is usually a sentence somewhere in the first paragraph that presents your argument (the conclusions you have reached about a debatable point) to the reader.

How do you tell a strong thesis statement from a weak one?

A strong thesis takes some sort of stand. Weak: There are some negative and positive aspects to manifest destiny. A strong thesis justifies discussion. Weak: The Gilded Age was in the nineteenth century. A strong thesis expresses one main idea. A strong thesis statement is specific.