What are the pros of moving to Raleigh NC?

What are the pros of moving to Raleigh NC?

The pros to living in Raleigh if someone is moving from a city like Chicago are obvious. The weather, the affordability, a lot less traffic and a great economic opportunity for entrepreneurs and small businesses. A lot of folks are making the move from cities like Chicago, New York, Boston, even California thanks to the affordability of Raleigh.

When did my mother leave the property to my brothers?

Q When my mother passed away in 2012, she left her property to me and my three brothers – the deeds have been changed accordingly. One of my brothers has lived in the property for around 25 years.

Where to buy a home in Raleigh NC?

Whether you’re shopping for homes in Cary, Apex, Holly Springs or in north Raleigh you’ll have easy access to the city, at an affordable price. A lot of Cary is people who have moved from the northeast. Those people who moved to Raleigh from New York and New England sure are happy about the weather.

Which is the best place to live in Raleigh NC?

The happiness of the people who live in Raleigh is a product of everything Raleigh has to offer including the number one place for jobs, awesome weather, and affordability, unlike most other cities. Apex, NC, a suburb of Raleigh, was most recently ranked as the #1 Best Place to Live in the United States by Money Magazine.

Why do we love living in Raleigh NC?

34 Reasons We Love Living in Raleigh NC (and you will too!) Why do we love living in Raleigh NC? And how did this Australian family end up moving to Raleigh in the first place? Today I’m sharing all that and much more in this blog post down below. We love this view of Downtown Raleigh from the Boylan Bridge.

What to expect when you move to Raleigh NC?

Here are 15 things you should expect to love about your move to Raleigh! One of the best parts about Raleigh is that it’s a city with a small-town feel. Raleigh is a city where people know your face and that’s all they need to know.

When did Craig and Caroline move to Raleigh NC?

In case you’re new to our site, we’re Craig and Caroline, Australian born global travelers and now Raleigh residents and we love this amazing city we get to call home. When we first moved to Raleigh in 2004 we instantly fell in love with the vibe, the people, and the possibilities.

What’s the feeling of familiarity in Raleigh NC?

Raleigh is a city where people know your face and that’s all they need to know. It’s often you will run into someone you met, recognize their face and embrace in a warm greeting without even knowing one another’s names. There is a feeling of comfortability and familiarity in Raleigh that comes from that small town feel.