Was your job designated as a safety sensitive function?

Was your job designated as a safety sensitive function?

A “safety-sensitive function” refers to all time from the point a driver begins to work or is required to be ready to work until the time he or she is relieved from work and all responsibilities for performing work.

What gets reported to clearinghouse?

Per § 382.705(b), employers must report the following information to the Clearinghouse:

  • An alcohol confirmation test result with an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater;
  • A CDL driver’s refusal to submit to a Department of Transportation (DOT) test for drug or alcohol use;
  • Actual knowledge, as defined in § 382.107;

Is driving a safety sensitive position?

So Which Positions Are Safety-Sensitive For The FMCSA? That being said, an individual who does any of these functions, but does not actually do any driving, is not considered a safety-sensitive employee. So, the drivers defined above are the only safety-sensitive employees in FMCSA-regulated companies.

How long does Violation stay on Clearinghouse?

five years
Violation records for CDL drivers stay on the Clearinghouse site for five years after successful completion of the DOT return-to-duty process and follow-up testing plan.

Can a downgraded CDL license cause a problem?

He is asking if there could be any problems for some companies hiring someone who downgraded the license. Any combination of vehicles with a gross combined weight rating (GCWR) of 26,001 or more pounds, providing the gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of the vehicle being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds.

How to get your CDL license back after a suspension?

To reinstate your commercial drivers license, your state may require you to: 1 Wait-out the duration of your suspension/disqualification. 2 Satisfy any court requirements, if applicable. 3 Retake and pass the CDL driving skills and knowledge tests. 4 Pay a reinstatement fee.

Can a CDL be revoked for any reason?

Along with state regulations, your commercial driving privileges are federally regulated with penalties set forth by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Your CDL can be disqualified for reasons including: DUI/DWI convictions and refusing/failing a BAC test. Drug-related offenses.

Can a CDL violation lead to a lifetime disqualification?

Some offenses and violations may lead to a lifetime disqualification of your CDL. NOTE: Your commercial driver’s license can be disqualified for offenses committed in a noncommercial vehicle, and your noncommercial driving privileges can be suspended for CDL violations.

What to do if your CDL has lapsed?

If you formerly held a CDL, but it has lapsed or has been disqualified for one year or longer, the entire CDL testing process must take place. That includes holding a valid medical card, the written test, and the skills test, which must be done in a…

What happens when you give up your CDL?

I suspect that once you give up your cdl, especially after a 4 year lapse, you will have to re-qualify for the license and take whatever tests would be required for getting a new cdl. First place to ask would be calling your local driver’s license agency…

What causes a driver to be disqualified from the CDL?

There are five major offenses that can disqualify a driver from their CDL. Serious violations that will result in a CDL disqualification include: Excessive speeding — 15 mph or more above the posted speed limit.

What happens if I don’t get my CDL certification?

Your medical status will be changed to “not certified” until your new medical certifications and applicable variances are provided. DDS will remove all your CDL privileges from your license and you may be required to retest if you remain in a downgraded class for a long period of time.