To Follow Or Unfollow? That Is The Question To Ask. These Tips Will Help You In Getting Followers On Instagram

To Follow Or Unfollow? That Is The Question To Ask. These Tips Will Help You In Getting Followers On Instagram

Social media is an important part of your marketing strategy, given that people are actively using it to know about the products or services they want to avail. The photo-sharing platform of Instagram is one of the social media networks that people utilize for knowing more about various brands and products.

If you are already using the channel and aiming at getting followers on Instagram, these are some of the tips and tricks that will be helpful:

Create A Proper Instagram Profile For Your Online Store

The first step to getting followers on Instagram is to create a proper business profile for your online store. For this, you need to put a suitable profile picture that goes with your business. A good strategy is to add your logo as your Instagram profile picture. You also need to add information about your business in your Instagram bio. Whenever someone opens your profile, they should know what you specialize in and what products you sell.

If someone is interested in buying shoes, and you offer footwear for men and women, you can let people know about it by adding it to your Instagram bio. If they like what you are offering, they may follow you so that they can stay updated with the different types of shoes you stock up on.

Lastly, you should also add a link to your online Shopify store, so that people know where they can purchase the merchandise from along with browsing through all the different products that you are offering.

To Follow Or Unfollow? That Is The Question To Ask. These Tips Will Help You In Getting Followers On Instagram

Miss Selfridge’s Instagram profile that contains info on fashion merchandise.

Developing A Hashtag Strategy

 It is very important to develop a strong hashtag strategy if you are looking at getting followers on Instagram. Hashtags work like links and you should use these to take your followers to your profile. Your Instagram profile can then let your audience know more about your business and your products or services.

To Follow Or Unfollow? That Is The Question To Ask. These Tips Will Help You In Getting Followers On Instagram

Here’s an example you can take inspiration for developing a hashtag strategy- Various hashtags put up by an online shoe store.

You should use the right set of hashtags to attract your audience to your content. It is a good idea to go for a set of brand-based hashtags such as a hashtag for your brand name. You can also highlight the industry in which you specialize or the category of audience you cater to. So, if you offer women’s office wear, then you can probably go for hashtags such as #womensfashion, #womensofficewear or #womenswear.

Another tip here is to add hashtags related to the geographical location where most of your target customers are. Also, if you add product photos, you can use product-focused hashtags like #littleblackdress, #satinshirt or #pencil skirt.

Not only in your Instagram posts, but you can also add hashtags to your stories, as well.

So the moment anyone taps on your hashtags, they will be taken to all those Instagram posts that already have these hashtags. As a result, the more hashtags you use, the higher are the chances that people will see your Instagram posts or stories. If they like your posts, they will be tempted to follow you.

Post Content When Your Audience Is Active 

If you want people to follow you on Instagram, you should make sure that they see what you are posting. For this, you should find out the right time to post your content. Find out at what point of the day your audience is actively browsing through Instagram and add content on this social network accordingly. You can use Instagram analytics for business for free to know when your audience is most active.

Engage With Your Potential Followers

Find out who your competitors are, that is those businesses on Instagram which are offering similar products, and to be more specific, in the same geographical location as yours. Once you know who your competitors are, engage with their followers. You can do this by following your competitors’ followers. You may want to check out their profile before you follow them, though. If they have a private page, this is more difficult but by no means impossible – you can learn how to view someones private Instagram photos here. You can also go ahead and like and comment on their posts. This will help you break the ice and help draw attention to your business. Since these people are already interested in the products that you are offering, it should not be too difficult to get them to follow you.

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Work With Influencers

Find out who the different influencers are in your industry. If you offer women’s clothing, you should look for a popular fashion blogger. If you are offering any type of food products, you may want to approach well-known food bloggers. Working with influencers is a smart technique as it will allow you to gain a wider following and helps promote your products to a bigger audience.