Tet Nguyen Dan 2020: The Perfect Time to Opt for Vietnam Holiday Packages

Tet Nguyen Dan 2020: The Perfect Time to Opt for Vietnam Holiday Packages

Many of you who have clicked on this write-up would know about the term “Tet Nguyen Dan.” If you are unaware, here’s what it is exactly. Tet Nguyen Dan is a Vietnamese way of saying Lunar New Year in Vietnam. It means the first morning of the inaugural day of the New Year. It is one of the most popular festivals for the Vietnamese people. It is also a national holiday on this day in Vietnam. In the year 2020, Tet Nguyen Dan falls on 25th January. This is the perfect time for you to crack amazing Vietnam holiday deals and visit this amazing country!

The peculiar thing about this festival is that it is based on the lunisolar calendar of the Chinese. This means that its date changes every year for the Lunar New Year / Tet. However, it usually falls in the months of late January to early February. It is celebrated for three consecutive days, unlike Chinese New Year, which is celebrated for fifteen days. So, ideally, you should opt for the best tours in Vietnam before these three days start.

During Tet, the locals celebrate a few traditions for an entire week. During the first day, locals spend quality time with their family and friends.

On the second day, people visit their friends. On the final day, i.e., the third day, people visit temples by paying homage to their ancestors by offering “Ngu Qua” (five kinds of fruits) at their family alter, and paying respect to their teachers.

During this festival, the locals cook exceptional food a day or two before Tet. It is known as bánh chưng and bánh dày. The process of cooking is quite expensive. The food is prepared by staying awake throughout the night. People also include special, candied fruits, called Mut for guests and visitors.

The locals avoid sweeping these days as they believe it might sweep away their good luck. One of the significant emphasis during Tet is on who will enter the house first during the New Year. As they consider, the person entering can bring them good or bad luck. Hence, they feel the head of the house or somebody really successful should leave and return to the house just a few minutes before midnight.

While traveling to this picturesque destination on this auspicious occasion, keep these things in mind.

Make it a point to travel to Hanoi, Hue, and Ho Chi Minh City as these three cities are the most colorful and vibrant during the Tet holidays. It is always fun to visit this country to celebrate this event. However, make it a point to keep these things in mind.

Watch Out for Loud Noise

Tet Nguyen Dan 2020: The Perfect Time to Opt for Vietnam Holiday Packages

Tet is incredibly loud and chaotic, to say the least, especially if you are traveling this country for the very first time. You will see celebrations on the street with ample firecrackers and gong banging in the public areas. One reason for making this loud noise is that they believe these noises will scare the hell out of evil spirits, which might bring in bad fortunes. In case you get a hotel room’s windows facing the streets, it can make your stay extra noisy! However, if you enjoy the spree, it can be super fun!

Take an Active Part in the Vietnamese Culture

Tet Nguyen Dan 2020: The Perfect Time to Opt for Vietnam Holiday Packages

If you love experiencing the culture of different countries, Tet is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the Vietnamese traditions. You will see various games being played along with cultural shows that consist of music, dance, and entertainment performed on public stages. We recommend you to visit the Pham Ngu Lao region in Saigon that hosts special performances for the tourists. If luck permits, you can even experience electrifying dragon and lion dances.

Plan Your Trip in Advance

In case you are planning to move to this fascinating country during Tet, make sure to book your Vietnam holiday packages well in advance. Remember, all good hotels will get booked months before the festival. Also, the prices rise drastically if you are embarking on the tour at the very last minute!

Places Also Get Crowded

Tet Nguyen Dan 2020: The Perfect Time to Opt for Vietnam Holiday Packages

During the festival, popular beach destinations like Hoi An get super occupied with locals as well as tourists. In fact, Tet is the perfect time for Vietnamese families to take a break and spend time together. So, do not procrastinate!

Plan Your Trip This Tet Nguyen Dan to Vietnam!

So, how did you like our write-up on Tet Nguyen Dan 2020? Do you plan to be a part of this festival in the upcoming days? After all, nothing is better than experiencing the culture and traditions of a country by visiting it during their most celebrated festival! What do you say?