Talkspace Welcomes Demi Lovato as New Spokesperson

Talkspace Welcomes Demi Lovato as New Spokesperson

Millions of men and women silently suffer from mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Many of these people never seek treatment for the condition out of the fear, stigma, or even costs. Talkspace is a digital therapy provider that aims to change that. Now the company has partnered with Demi Lovato to help more people win the battle against mental illness. Lovato hopes that she can help many people learn they are not alone during their darkest hours and that it is okay to seek help when times are tough.

Expect new social media campaign ads featuring Lovato coming to a social media site near you in September. It is the start of many campaigns featuring the likeness of Lovato.

Mental Illness During COVID-19

Statistics say that mental illness has skyrocketed since the COVID-19 pandemic. People live in constant fear and in a new norm that has us all adjusting to the changes. Depression and anxiety are both at all-time highs. Add these worries to those they faced pre-COVID-19 and you can understand why mental illness is rampant at this time.

Demi Lovato said that she wants to use her voice and her celebrity status to help others. She understands firsthand how the triumphs of mental illness can parallel through a person’s life. Although Lovato said it took a lot of soul searching to decide to partner with the therapy provider, she is confident that she’s made the right choice.

What is Talkspace?

Talkspace is confidential, accessible by telephone, text message, or a video call, depending on the member’s preference. No one else knows that you’ve signed up for a membership, which protects privacy. Although it is seen by some as a sign of weakness, getting help when life throws you lemons is a sign of maturity. It is the only way to get better and ensures a bright and beautiful future without mental illness.

Therapists offer therapy services for people battling any type of mental illness, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed. They offer individual counseling, couples counseling, marriage counseling, and more. Whatever a person’s needs, therapists are there to help.

The company first began offering therapy services in 2012. The idea quickly caught on and it is now one of several digital therapy companies. They remain the number one therapy service out there, offering members the best rates and services possible. Partnering with celebrities such as Demi Lovato helps them stay relevant with a broad range of people and ensures the word gets out that help is available.

Affordable Talk Therapy, Insurance Accepted

All therapists on the digital platform are licensed in their respective states. The platform follows all HIPPA standards to further protect your privacy. And, most insurance plans are accepted, easing the worry of the costs. The low-cost therapy rates make it easy for uninsured individuals to get the therapy services they need. Several membership packages are available and members can change their membership any time their needs change.

Online therapy service costs a fraction of the price of traditional therapy and for many people, has awesome benefits they appreciate.

The digital therapy company did its part to combat mental illness when COVID-19 struck. They donated more than 2,000 months of free therapy to frontline workers, integrated with Amazon Alexa, and offered a variety of tools and resources for anyone affected by the virus or who needed the extra help. Now that they’ve partnered with Lovato, they continue to make strides in the mental health world.