“Jurassic Park” by Michael Crichton

Perhaps it is a film most of us was one of the best childhood memories. Dinosaurs! How to live! Island! Adventure! Abduction! Shooting! Steven Spielberg, who is at the peak of his artistic career, took a true masterpiece that never ceases to stagger the imagination to this day. Nublar Island, which stretches the most amazing and the most dangerous park of all time, forced to believe in their reality, stirred the imagination. And somehow I lost on the background of colorful wonders that have come up this park is not the creators of the film, and a completely different person – a science fiction writer Michael Crichton (unfortunately, not so long gone from us to another world), which is three years earlier released a voluminous science fiction novel.


The plot of the story is not much different from the movie. The company “Ingen”, which is owned by an elderly tycoon John Hammond, holds revolutionary studies to recover the DNA of reptiles that lived on the planet millions of years ago. Hammond decides to open on a tropical island Nublar grand amusement park, where rich customers will amuse watching dinosaurs. As a “test batch” guests he invited to the newly opened Jurassic Park scientists specialists. Among these paleontologists Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler, mathematician Ian Malcolm, and two more of the child – the grandson and granddaughter Hammond. Despite the fairy-tale beauty, does not cause scientists Park enthusiastic – they warn Hammond of the hazards associated with the content of such places, but the tycoon in anticipation of fabulous profits does not want to listen to them. He feels that he has provided everything to the last detail, but very soon, it becomes clear that this is not the case: because of a succession of unforeseen accidents, security fleet ceases to operate, and the ancient predators break free…

The book really turned thick and somewhat academic, unlike the saturated action movie. It is worth noting that Crichton is considered the founder of a special literary genre called “techno-thriller.” Since its debut novel strain “Andromeda” he writes science fiction, meticulously, with all the technical details, describing the dangers entailed in a hasty introduction of new technologies. This Crichton books stories are often similar to the scenario of horror films – in fact, the same techno-thriller and turns. This explains the frighteningly large number of pages. If in the process of restoring the movie dinosaur DNA described pair of vague phrases, in the novel it takes a good few dozen pages. Some people might get bored, but more or less sophistication in such things the reader surely will enjoy. For example, how do you such a surprise: in fact, the DNA sample was heavily damaged, so the “Ingen” filled in damaged areas is almost random set of genes – it turns out, in the “Jurassic Park” lived far from those creatures that once walked the Earth ! This, of course, did not fail to notice the Grant and Sattler, but Hammond simply dismissed: the kids a big difference there…

If even distract from the style, between the film and the book are still serious differences. First, it concerns the nature of the character. In Crichton, each character detail is registered together with the biography, but psychology is all one thing in common … typed something. During the reading of this is particularly the not paying attention, but the cinema, of course, needed more bright colors. Therefore, be ready find out what Dr. Grant is not so hates children, John Hammond is not a good grandfather, but from the “cine” comedy and cheerfulness of Ian Malcolm’s nothing left. Around serious people with serious thoughts, and even the kids head cook is not a child thoroughly. Good or bad – everyone decides himself.

Closer to the final events of the book was finally say, “I’m sorry,” the film, and then the reader will find many different kinds of surprises. I will not talk, so as not to spoil the impression to those who book have not read it, but I will say one thing: if in our favorite film, everything went strictly according to the canons of the book, then at the entrance to the cinema to children and women would have to issue on handkerchiefs, and better – two.

Not to say that the source book for me overshadowed Spielberg film. Still, the film acts because of much stronger. However, the book is remarkable in its own way. Smart, philosophical, and at the same time exciting and tense reading, revealing the entire famous story with new faces.