Is it legal to hire a minor as an employee?

Is it legal to hire a minor as an employee?

Hiring minors makes business sense to many companies, agricultural producers, and small businesses. Minors can be a source of boundless energy and, just as importantly, cheap labor. Before hiring employees under age 18, however, be aware that child labor is regulated by the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and state labor laws.

Where can I get a work permit for a minor?

Minors must still obtain a work permit prior to starting employment. There is no exception. We recommend that the minor e-mail or call the superintendent’s office to ask about permits. If you are still experiencing problems you may contact the Office of the Attorney General’s Fair Labor Division at 617-727-3465.

What happens if a minor’s employment is terminated?

If the minor’s employment is terminated for any reason, the employer has to return the permit to the superintendent’s office within 2 days of the termination. If the employer returns the permit, there is no law that specifies any requirements for maintaining permits.

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Do you pay minor employees the same as other employees?

If the minor employee qualifies for any benefits, you must provide and pay for these benefits in the same manner as other employees. In general, it’s a good practice to provide minor workers and summer employees the same benefits as other employees.

Do you have to pay taxes to a newly hired minor?

Especially, newly hired minors must complete Form W-4 before they receive their first paycheck, to indicate federal income tax withholding, and you must withhold federal income tax from paychecks of minors unless the individual claims exemption from withholding.

Do you have to pay minimum wage to minor workers?

You must pay minor workers the same minimum wage as other employees; however, a special minimum wage may be paid to employees under the age of 20 during their first 90 days of employment. Be sure you inform new workers of the hourly wage you will be paying them.