How much do Walmart dedicated drivers make?

How much do Walmart dedicated drivers make?

The average Walmart Dedicated Drivers salary in the USA is $82,000 per year or $42.05 per hour. Entry level positions start at $63,700 per year while most experienced workers make up to $120,000 per year.

What is a dedicated account in trucking?

Normally it means a driver will be dedicated to working for one particular customer like Walmart or Home Depot and they will only haul freight for that customer. You’ll often hear drivers say something like, “I’m on the Walmart dedicated account.”

Does Walmart hire inexperienced drivers?

Walmart says a driver needs 30 months of experience and a clean driving record. To start your career as a professional truck driver, you will need to have a Class A CDL license which can be obtained at Roadmaster Drivers School in as little as 3 weeks.

What does a dedicated route mean?

A dedicated route is when a trucking company services the same company or location regularly. More often than not a truck driver will pick up a load at a regular location and then deliver it to a dedicated customer.

How many days a week do Walmart truck drivers work?

Walmart is very direct with their current salary numbers and states that a first-year driver working 5.5 days per week earns, on average, $87,500 per year. These figures will obviously change depending on location and bonuses.

What does Schneider National dedicated shipping service do?

Our Dedicated shipping service gives you the benefits of a private fleet without all the hassles. We build and maintain a fleet tailored to your unique needs, including specific equipment and freight handling requirements. Schneider’s Dedicated solutions do just that — and much more.

Why are dedicated drivers so important to Schneider?

Schneider knows how important trust and transparency are in dedicated carrier relationships, so we’ll never make changes without sharing our thought process with you first. Dedicated drivers are ambassadors for your brand, so it’s imperative that they are skilled professionals who get your freight where it needs to be — on time and intact.

What do you get with Schneider transportation solutions?

With Schneider Dedicated, you get a transportation carrier committed to keeping you ahead of the game. The beauty of our custom-built solutions is that they are tailored to your unique needs — down to the last detail. But the real power is in what we pack into every Dedicated shipping relationship:

Why do you need a Schneider private fleet?

Schneider private fleet conversion powers your brand with a world-class fleet, detail-driven experts and nationwide reach. Whether you’re looking to fully convert to a dedicated carrier or simply supplement your fleet, Schneider offers the flexibility and control your business demands. Move your temperature-controlled cargo anywhere.