How many people are working part time due to economic reasons?

How many people are working part time due to economic reasons?

The number of workers in the U.S. working “part-time due to economic reasons” had diminished to about 6.9 million workers as of November 2014, down from a peak of over 9 million following the recession (U.S. BLS 2015a). 2 But it remains much greater than the 4 million in 2006, pre-recession.

What are the effects of involuntary part time employment?

Thus, the consequent experience of involuntary part-time employment not only constrains the incomes of those workers, but often makes the daily work lives of those individuals unpredictable and more stressful.

How does overtime work affect your work schedule?

Overtime work that is required by the employer increases the likelihood of having an irregular schedule and particularly of working on rotating/split shifts.

Do you think employers decide your work schedule?

Nearly half of workers (45 percent) surveyed by the International Social Survey Program said that their “employer decides” their work schedule. Only 15 percent perceived that they were “free to decide” their work schedule. The remaining 40 percent felt they could “decide within limits.”

What to do when you need time off work for mental health reasons?

Develop a personal mantra — “Be compassionate to myself,” for example — to help you transition back. Stick to a routine, whenever possible, to avoid unnecessary stressors. And rely on your support system — an empathetic family member, a close friend, a doctor or therapist, and perhaps a trusted colleague at work.

Can you continue to work after an injury?

Chapter 6. Working for Your Employer After Injury. After a job injury, staying at work or returning to work safely and promptly can help in your recovery. It can also help you avoid financial losses from being off work. This chapter describes how you can continue working for your employer.

What to do when you need to take time off work?

Stick to a routine, whenever possible. Find a quiet place where you can take short breaks, or even meditate, during the day. Before you go home, make a brief list of the next day’s priorities. Think through how you will manage business travel that involves crossing time zones; jet lag can cause backsliding.

Can a person Miss more than one day of work?

Yes. If an employee actually loses time from work on the date of injury, that lost time should be counted in determining whether or not the employee has missed more than one day of work. For instance, if an employee misses half a day on the date of injury and then misses the next full day, he or she has missed more than one day of work.