How many hours is considered full time work in Connecticut?

How many hours is considered full time work in Connecticut?

For those classifications for which a full time schedule is considered 40 hours per week the period is 1044 hours. For specific information regarding benefits for permanent part time employment, consult your collective bargaining unit contract and local Human Resources office.

Do I get paid for personal leave?

When paid personal/carer’s leave is taken, the minimum requirement is that an employee must be paid at their base rate of pay for the ordinary hours they would have worked during the period. overtime or penalty rates.

Is 30 hours a week considered full-time in CT?

While most employers define full-time work as ranging between 32 and 40 hours a week, the Affordable Care Act specifies that a part-time worker works fewer than 30 hours a week on average. Under the Affordable Care Act, a 32-hour workweek is considered full-time.

How many hours do you have to work in Connecticut?

However, Connecticut law requires that employees who work for 7 ½ consecutive hours be given a one-half hour meal period some time between the first two hours and the last two hours of work.

How does the Connecticut wage and Workplace Standards Division work?

Under section 31‐66 of the Connecticut General Statutes, the employer shall maintain for 3 years at the place of employment a record of hours worked and wages paid to each employee. The employer can submit a request through our website or by letter to the Division and permission may be granted to keep records at another loca tion.

How does overtime work in the state of CT?

Under Connecticut law, the “regular rate” at which an employee is employed, for purposes of overtime calculations, does not include payments such as gifts made at Christmas time or on other special occasions or as a reward for service, provided the amounts are not measured by or dependent upon the number of hours worked, production or efficiency.

Can a employer deduct wages from an employee in Connecticut?

According to section 31‐71e of the Connecticut General Statutes, the employer may deduct from wages if empowered by state or federal law, has written authorization from the employee on a form approved by the Labor Commissioner, the deductions ii