How many hours do USPS rural carriers work?

How many hours do USPS rural carriers work?

Normally, this regular work schedule is set at 8 hours a day and 5 days a week, Monday through Friday. When a nonexempt postmaster is required to work on the sixth day because relief is not available, premium pay at 150 percent of the postmaster’s basic salary is paid for this time.

What does rural carrier associate do?

RCAs are responsible for the safe and efficient delivery and collection of the U.S. Mail™, working part time when regular carriers have scheduled days off or take vacation days. RCAs also sell stamps, supplies, and money orders.

Do rural carrier associates get raises?

Do rural carriers get raises? The rural letter carriers will receive a 1.3% pay raise retroactively and three additional increases over the life of the agreement. They will also receive cost-of-living adjustments on top of those wage increases.

When do you replace a rural carrier associate?

Rural Carrier Associate. Rural Carrier Associate Facts. Variable Work Hours. As an RCA, you will replace a regular rural carrier on his or her scheduled day off (primarily Saturday), on vacation, or on other leave. Work hours will vary depending on the office and route to which you are assigned.

How to become a rural carrier in the US Postal Service?

Test required : Virtual Entry Assessment MC – (474) Postal Exam 474 Rural Carriers deliver mail along a prescribed route and may be required to handle containers of mail weighing as much as 70 pounds. Many Postal employees will tell you that a Rural Carrier position is the best job to have.

How many hours does a rural carrier RCA work?

RCAs cover for full-time career Rural Carriers when the full-timer is out due to sick leave, vacation leave, days off, etc. Depending upon the size of the facility and the number of full-time Rural Carriers based there, an RCA might work anywhere from only one or two days a week up to over 40 hours a week.

What are the benefits of being a rural carrier?

Details on wages, benefits, and hours are provided in individual job postings. Rural Carrier is a fulltime career position that comes with the famous complete Postal benefits package. Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) is a non-career long-term relief job that can work directly in to a career position.

What are the duties of a rural carrier associate?

Job Duties. Delivering mail on time to the correct customers is the main job of a rural carrier associate. He is expected to manage his time wisely and map out his route to avoid retracing delivery paths. Keeping detailed records of attempted and missed deliveries is required.

How much does a rural carrier associate make?

How much does a Rural Carrier Associate make hourly in the United States? The average hourly wage for a Rural Carrier Associate in the United States is $15 as of March 29, 2021, but the salary range typically falls between $13 and $17.

What is an USPS rural carrier?

Rural letter carriers are United States Postal Service and Canada Post employees who deliver mail in what are traditionally considered rural and suburban areas of the United States and Canada. Before Rural Free Delivery (RFD), rural Americans and Canadians were required to go to a post office to get their mail.

What is Rural Carrier Associate?

Rural Carrier Associate (RCA) is a non-career long-term relief job that can work directly in to a career position. When a career Rural Carrier position opens up, it is offered to the senior RCA at that particular facility. If there are no RCAs employed at that facility, the Postmaster posts an open job listing for a career Rural Carrier position.