How is an employer required to comply with GDPR?

How is an employer required to comply with GDPR?

All employers should already be taking these basic compliance steps. Under GDPR you are required to inform data subjects of what you will do with their data upon receipt or within a month of receipt. You do this through Privacy Notices and there are specific issues that you must address.

When does EEOC issue guidance on wellness incentives?

In fact, on 1 February 2021, a coalition of 41 business groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, sent a letter to the EEOC requesting that it “quickly issue guidance clarifying the extent to which employers may offer employees incentives to vaccinate without running afoul of the Americans With Disabilities Act and other laws.”

What do employers need to know about new employees?

The main two situations for employers are: New starting employees. Applicants will usually complete an application form and provide a CV, both of which are likely to include personal data such as names, addresses, telephone numbers and nationality.

What does the ADA require of an employer?

Specifically, the ADA requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations so that employees with disabilities can enjoy the same “benefits and privileges of employment” as similarly situated employees without disabilities. 4 Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 requires similar accommodations for employees’ religious practices. 5

What are employment law issues you need to watch?

Government & Regulations Human Resources 9 employment law issues you need to watch By Jay Starkman – Contributing Writer, Sep 6, 2017 Year after year, companies struggle to keep up with the latest employer regulations and trending workplace issues. So far, 2017 is no different.

Are there any employment law issues in 2017?

So far, 2017 is no different. Local, state and federal laws are changing frequently, and technology and social issues are constantly evolving and impacting today’s workforce. Here are nine employment law issues to watch: 1. Wage and hour law: New FLSA guidance

What is the final rule for joint employer?

The final rule provides updated guidance for determining joint employer status when an employee performs work for his or her employer that simultaneously benefits another individual or entity, including guidance on the identification of certain factors that are not relevant when determining joint employer status.

What do businesses need to know about employment law?

Businesses must closely monitor the legislative environment and stay informed on the topics that are driving significant changes in the law and best practices in human resources management. The Business Journals Select a City