How do you reference a superscript?

How do you reference a superscript?

These are the general rules for implementing superscript numbers properly in your text:Use superscript Arabic numerals to cite sources.Insert the superscript number next to the statement, fact or quotation being cited.If citing more than one source at the same time, separate the numbers with commas.

How do you cite references in the body of paper?

When you quote or paraphrase from a source (book, article, or webpage) in your paper, you need to insert a parenthetical citation. This citation typically consists of the author’s name, year of publication, and page number in parentheses at the end of the sentence.

What do superscript numbers in an author’s name indicate in a research paper?

SUPERSCRIPTS AND SUBSCRIPTS except in equations or statistical notation. However, superscripts are used to identify footnotes.

How do you write two affiliations?

Here are the answers to your questions: When it comes to multiple affiliations, there is no hard and fast rule about the sequence in which the affiliations should be listed. Both are correct, but it would be preferable to use the name by which your institution is more commonly referred to.

Can a student be a corresponding author?

student can and should be the first author for their publications after all, like Dean Whitehead said, its their data and their project. Another, could be appointed in his stead, but if he has to be, even with some deficiencies, a second corresponding author could be appointed by the research or publication crew.

Who should be a corresponding author?

A corresponding author is the individual who, when working on a paper with multiple authors, takes primary responsibility for communicating with the journal you intend to publish in.

Can I change corresponding author after acceptance?

After the journal has accepted your article , if you need to change the co-authors for any reason you should write to the editor of the journal, with a clear reason for the change. This letter must come from all the authors, including the person you are adding or removing. The editor will need to agree to the change.