Do you need to create an employee handbook?

Do you need to create an employee handbook?

Certain policies are required by law to be in the employee handbook. This might mean reviewing local, state, and federal employee policy when creating your employee handbook. If you have more than one type of facility in your business, you may want to create more than one type of employee handbook.

What’s the difference between an employee manual and an employee handbook?

If the employee handbook doesn’t address the concern, management can be approached. An employee handbook is also called an employee manual, a business employee handbook, and a policy and procedure handbook. There may be other variations on the title of this document, depending upon the company.

Is the employee handbook the final word on policy?

The employee handbook is the best and final word on company policy. As times change and unconsidered issues come up, the employee handbook must be updated. There must be a provision in the employee handbook that allows for update and change. Consider adding a statement that says, “These policies are subject to change.

What happens when you revise an employee handbook?

You have valid concerns and ask very relevant questions about revising employee handbooks and communicating policies to employees. This project is often relegated to the back burner when in fact, failing to update and communicate policies can cause significant liability issues, not to mention employee confusion and morale problems.

When do you need an employee handbook and employee handbook?

The 50 th employee is commonly thought of as a starting line for implementing employee handbooks and HR manuals. That’s because 50 employees is the trigger for compliance with federal employment regulations such as: Some states and local governments have their own laws that affect employers with 50 or more employees, too.

What should be included in an HR manual?

A well-written HR manual will offer detailed guidance for managers based on compliance requirements. For example, your company’s employee handbook may include your policy supporting employees who need to pump breastmilk at the office. However, your HR manual would include information about applicable laws and requirements.

Do you need a disclaimer in an employee handbook?

Every handbook needs a disclaimer that unequivocally states the non-contractual nature of the handbook and preserves the at-will employment status of employees.