Do dealer mechanics get commission?

Do dealer mechanics get commission?

Mechanics at a dealership are generally paid “flat rate”. This is kind of like commission, but is determined by a manual/software that says “This job should take 4 hours to complete”, so the mechanic is paid for 4 hours regardless of how long it actually takes. This is good if you’re quick with your jobs.

How many people are employed as auto mechanics?

The number of people employed as Automotive service technicians & mechanics has been growing at a rate of 3.37%, from 757,826 people in 2018 to 783,369 people in 2019. This graphic shows the share of Automotive service technicians & mechanics employed by various industries.

How are automotive service technicians and mechanics doing?

Projections on wages and job growth for Automotive service technicians & mechanics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The ten-year national workforce is projected to grow 6.85%, but Automotive service technicians & mechanics are expected to see a growth of 6.12% over the same period.

Which is the highest paid automotive service industry?

Automotive repair & maintenance is the industry that employs the most Automotive service technicians & mechanics, both by share and by number, though the highest paid industry for Automotive service technicians & mechanics, by average wage, is Spectator sports.

How to apply for employment as automotive technician?

APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN We are an equal opportunity employer and do not discriminate in employment. No question on this application is used for the purpose of limiting or excluding any applicant from consideration for employment on a basis prohibited by local, state, or federal law.

Where can I get a job as an auto mechanic?

The majority of auto mechanics, around 31 percent, are employed within the automotive repair and maintenance industry for private companies. Others may find employment at automobile dealerships, automotive parts or accessories stores, gasoline stations, motor vehicle parts wholesalers, aerospace parts manufacturing, and local governments.

What do mechanics do at a car dealership?

Car dealership mechanics can provide services both to cars sold on the dealership’s lot and to customers who need routine maintenance or repairs. They’re knowledgeable in all of a vehicle’s important systems and can usually work with many makes and models of cars, although some may focus on the make of vehicles the dealership they work at sells.

Which is the best employer for car mechanics?

Car dealerships are the top employer of automobile mechanics and employed 31 percent of them in 2016, reports the BLS. Car repair and maintenance shops came in second with self-employed mechanics and automotive stores following based on employment levels.

How many hours does a car mechanic work?

Car mechanics usually have full-time hours with overtime and irregular scheduling as needed. Your career path as a car dealership mechanic can include advancement to a higher paid automotive services manager position with several years of experience.