Are postal workers throwing away mail?

Are postal workers throwing away mail?

U.S. Postal Service employee charged for throwing out mail, including more than 100 absentee ballots. A United States Postal Service employee has been charged for destroying mail, including absentee ballots, which he allegedly threw in a dumpster, U.S. Attorney Russell Coleman announced on Monday.

Was a postal worker caught dumping mail in a dumpster?

All of the mail, according to the DOJ, was eventually delivered. Howard Dinger, a North Arlington resident, told CNN he found the mail sitting in a North Arlington dumpster, wrapped with rubber bands on October 2. He said he discovered it while throwing out his own trash and immediately called police.

Who are the victims of the postal service?

Employees are not only the victims of postal bulling so are handicapped customers. It soon becomes a group effort and a form of social bonding. Finding humor with the handicapped needs to stop before more lives are silently lost. USPS promotes harassment. They divide and conquer. They cover themselves so no one can produce all the evidence.

What’s the problem with the US Postal Service?

someone needs to look into the bullying and harrasment thats going on within the postal service. Upper management is harrasing middle managment in hopes that they will retire or make a mistake so they can be fired. The post office has become a very unhealthy place to work, so many employees seeking help from Drs.

Why is the Postal Service Above the law?

Postal shooting is a direct result of the USPS not being held accountable and the courts ignoring the harassers actions. Once your life has been taken from you for no cause of your own and the law is denied you; then your only choice is to take matters into your own hands.

Is the u.s.postal service held accountable?

Unfortunately, the Postal Service will never be held accountable for the last 25 years. Advertising is electronic, bills are direct pay, and people can send greetings via the internet. Never will they be accountable for the system that brutalized and harassed employees. It’s almost traitorous to hide a job like that behind the American flag.

Why did you Leave your job at United States postal service?

Seasonal job. Job well done!!!! Deliverance of Success UPS to UPS SurePost through Christmas and holiday services. Meeting challenges in midst of the coronavirus Quit the job! Not willing to have another injury. This place treat us like robot. No time for anything and intensive labor. Noo im good! Post office culture can be extremely toxic.

Is there age discrimination in the postal service?

Age discrimination and disability discrimination exists regardless of their so called policies which they violate with blatant regularity. Postal managers have little regard for law. The NALC is equally worthless at standing up for employees.

Is the United States postal service a good place to work?

The USPS is a place that seems perfectly designed to put people like you and me in a position where we just can’t stand it. That said, you need to forget the Postal Service and move on. You’re not going to get your job back and you probably don’t have the money and time to waste years in lawsuits that won’t get you anywhere.

Why does the USPS need a bailout?

USPS spends more money micromanaging the workforce therefore that is the biggest reason they are broke and need a bailout. I cannot work for such a dysfunctional agency. Still there but have been looking for another job for about 4 months. Unfortunately everything put on hold due to the pandemic (no interviews etc).