Are laid off employees eligible for COBRA?

Are laid off employees eligible for COBRA?

Laid-off workers typically have to sign up with COBRA within 60 days after their employment ends. Once you receive notice of you eligibility for COBRA, you will have to sign up within 60 days, however.

Can I get COBRA if my employer goes out of business?

If your employer chooses to drop its health insurance benefits as a result of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing, you will lose your health coverage. You cannot continue your coverage through COBRA because the group plan will no longer exist.

Do you qualify for Cobra if you get fired from your job?

You and other covered members of your family are eligible for COBRA if your employment hours are reduced or you quit your job, are laid off or fired — except in cases of gross misconduct. You also must have been covered under the employer’s group health insurance plan at the time you lost your job to be eligible for COBRA.

What happens if you fail to elect Cobra?

If you fail to timely and properly elect COBRA coverage. The COBRA law gives employees sixty (60) days from the date of their receipt of a written notice from their former employer that they have rights under COBRA (commonly called “COBRA Notice”) in which to elect the benefits of continued coverage.

What do you need to know about COBRA continuation?

To be eligible for COBRA coverage, you must have been enrolled in your employer’s health plan when you worked and the health plan must continue to be in effect for active employees. COBRA continuation coverage is available upon the occurrence of a qualifying event that would, except for the

How to notify your employer of a qualifying event for Cobra?

COBRA general notice, of the responsibility to notify the plan and procedures for doing so. If your plan does not have reasonable procedures for how to give notice of a qualifying event, you can give notice by contacting the person or unit that handles your employer’s employee benefits matters.

Do you qualify for Cobra if you got fired before May 31?

If you were fired before May 31, you may qualify for a 65 percent federal subsidy of the premium under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The subsidy lasts for 15 months but is available only to those people who involuntarily lost their jobs between Sept. 1, 2008 and May 31, 2010.

Why is Cobra not available to all employees?

When our Congress enacted the COBRA law, it decided that employees fired for gross misconduct did not deserve COBRA’s valuable protections. While, on its surface, this seems to make sense, it doesn’t make all that much sense when you consider that the children of such poorly-behaving employees also become uninsured due to no fault of their own.

Are there different types of qualifying events for Cobra?

There are different types of qualifying events that impact eligibility for COBRA. The time period of COBRA coverage and the qualified beneficiaries will depend on the type of qualifying event. The following are a list of qualifying events that impact COBRA coverage:

How long do you have to elect Cobra?

If you qualify for COBRA coverage, you have 60 days to elect whether you would like to proceed with the coverage. This 60-day period generally begins on the day you lose coverage.