5 basic points to Remember before designing the logo

5 basic points to Remember before designing the logo

Creating the logo is one of the most complicated activities that exist in the panorama of experiences of a graphic designer. So obviously you have to get help from the best graphic designers to ensure the quality of the logo. Also, it is essential to take your time before choosing your final logo. As with the name of a company, it is advisable to have several ideas and concepts to propose to the graphic designer.

Designing a logo is equivalent to compressing a series of concepts, ideas that characterize a company or an agency, within a single graphic sign. It’s like zipping a bunch of information into a single file. Easy to say but far from being done.

Color or black and white?

Usually, designers prefer to draw the logo in black and white, to make the shapes speak rather than the color. Designing in B / W allows us to understand the ideogram or pictogram we are creating, even in a small way. And also in negative (with inverted colors). The choice of colors will have to take into consideration all the principles of the theory of color combined with the use that will be made of the logo. Online you will find excellent tools to support the choice and combination of color.

Choose the right font

The choice of the correct font is essential for the success of a logo. Type of font depends on the type of product or service that the company deals with. A good rule of thumb is not to use more than two fonts together. You will find various fonts online. But, choose the font which describes your logo. You don’t stop at the usual ones, but you go far and wide.

Proportions and dimensions

When creating your logo you will have to take into account the proportions between the texts. And the ideogram so that they are balanced. You will also need to try the small logo to make sure it is legible even in those conditions. Print proofs can help you optimize the proportions. If you want your logo to be successful, opt for professionalism and for people who have experience in this field. Company logos play a fundamental role in the image that consumers perceive of them. So good design is essential for the brand to be successful.

Recognition ability

Think about it, how many brands are you able to recognize just by looking at their logo? These brands have managed to position themselves in the minds of consumers in such a way that just by looking at their logo they will know what brand it is. The strength of a logo is its being immediately recognizable among a thousand others. But above all being recognizable for those who commissioned it. In the end, the customer will always give the latest opinion on the work done. But as with any creative process, the logo creation process also requires a series of adjustments to be made after hearing the customer’s opinion. By keeping the settings necessary to guarantee the readability of the logo and its correct use, you change your project following the customer’s needs.

Creativity speaks the last word

It is important to have an open mind and not be afraid to update your design. A good logo redesign can give a new and better direction to your brand. But a redesign is not the same as a radical change of the logo. It must always remain true to its meaning and identity. And, only a professional logo designer can understand its importance. In case it is a generic name, a symbol must be included. Typography is a whole world and when designing a logo there are so many options that it is very difficult to choose. For this reason, it is advisable to always go to a professional, since he knows better than anyone what typeface you should use in your logo depending on what your brand wants to convey.