Why is my boss so withdrawn in the office?

Why is my boss so withdrawn in the office?

You can’t remember the last time she cracked a joke, and while she’s not exactly known as the office comedian, she does have a quick wit. But these days, she barely registers a smile. Her focused and withdrawn attitude, while out of character, is not an attack on you.

Do you have a problem asking your boss for a raise?

The answer is yes. Photo: Shutterstock It can be the most daunting of all discussions, even if you have a great relationship with your boss. For some reason, you don’t have a problem standing your ground when it comes to your opinions about a project. You don’t have a problem setting boundaries.

Why is my boss acting weird and mean?

Your boss may be worried about losing his job or even just stressed about an impending difficult conversation with his supervisor. He doesn’t know how to act all cheerful like he normally is when the magnitude of this goal thing looms so large.

Why does my boss have a bad attitude?

Getting a poor performance assessment or a talking-to from one of the higher-ups is one viable explanation. Assuming her attitude will pass, occupy yourself with co-workers who are feeling good about life. Don’t make the mistake of getting bogged down in her discontentment.

Do you owe your boss anything at all?

Here are five things you owe your boss — and five things you absolutely, positively do not: 1. You owe your boss your best work every day. 2. You owe your boss your good intentions. If you hate your job so much that you badmouth the company when you’re with your friends, you owe it to yourself and your employer to get a new job.

When do you know you are not valued by your boss?

If you are uncomfortable asking for even the smallest thing – like coming into work late on a Monday so you can drop off your kid at school – you are not valued. If your boss fits these descriptions, you have some decisions to make. Think about whether you need to get better at communicating and demonstrating your value.

What makes a boss not give you a compliment?

This is a boss who continually erodes your self-confidence because nothing is ever good enough, he/she never gives you a compliment and is in fact overly critical (or even worse takes credit for your accomplishments), or who blatantly appoints favorites (and you’re not one of them).

When to say no to a boss request?

If your mojo is so depleted that you truly believe your current employer is the only company around that would hire you and that without your job you would be lost, then your problem is bigger than wondering how and when to say no to a manager’s request.