Why is it important to raise a concern?

Why is it important to raise a concern?

Safeguarding patient safety is one of the main reasons for raising a concern in the workplace. When standards of care or behaviour fall below acceptable standards, doctors have an ethical duty to speak up. Doctors must not accept the unacceptable.”

What are the consequences of not raising a concern?

Ignoring concerns over unlawful practices in the workplace or allowing a culture of fear about raising such concerns can have a negative impact on employee engagement and, as a result, productivity. It can also lead to higher staff turnover and increased recruitment costs.

What is the meaning of raise concern?

1 to relate to; be of importance or interest to; affect. 2 usually foll by: with or in to involve or interest (oneself) he concerns himself with other people’s affairs. n. 3 something that affects or is of importance to a person; affair; business.

How do you increase your concern?

Here are some tips to follow when you raise your concern.

  1. Raise your concern quickly. People move on, memories fade and records are deleted in line with retention policies.
  2. Send it to the right place.
  3. Write legibly.
  4. Keep your language simple.
  5. Be specific.
  6. Don’t move the goalposts.
  7. Stay reasonable.
  8. Don’t get personal.

How do you raise your care concern?

Please call the 24 hour Safeguarding helpline on 0203 373 0440. During office hours please select option 1. Alternatively, you can use our short online form to report suspected abuse or raise a concern and someone from Adult Social Care will call you back.

What is a whistleblowing concern?

Whistleblowing is when someone raises a concern about a dangerous or illegal activity or any wrongdoing within their organisation. Raising a concern is known as “blowing the whistle” and is a vital process for identifying risks to people’s safety.

Is it raise or rise?

So raise and rise both refer to something going up, but there’s a difference in how we use them. Raise always needs a direct object – so if you raise something, you move it up. But with rise, there’s no direct object. So if something rises, it goes up or increases by itself.

Is concerned with meaning?

1 : interested in She was more concerned with flirting than with getting the job done. 2 : having to do with : about The memo is chiefly concerned with hiring policies.

When to raise a concern about an incident?

You can raise your concern at any time about an incident that happened in the past, is happening now, or you believe will happen in the near future. You’re protected if you’re a worker, for example you’re: an employee, such as a police officer, NHS employee, office worker, factory worker

When to assume there is no going concern?

In order to assume that the entity has no going concern problem, the managements have to perform the proper assessment by including all relevant indicators that could cause the entity to close its business in the next twelve months period.

When does substantial doubt about a going concern exist?

Substantial doubt about the entity’s ability to continue as a going concern is considered to exist when aggregate conditions and events indicate that it is probable that the entity will be unable to meet obligations when due within one year of the date that the financial statements are issued or are available to be issued. What is Probable?

What to do when parents raise concerns with you?

When parents raise concerns with you, the basics of listening and speaking still apply. And respect and sensitivity are still key to effective communication. Also, if you focus on the issue that parents are raising and remember that your shared goal is supporting their child, it can help you avoid defensiveness or justifications.

How to use ” raise concern ” in a sentence?

It’s difficult to see raise concern in a sentence . That raised concerns about increased trade tension between the two countries. That raised concern that Canadian bank earnings would also be affected. That raised concern that Canadian bank earnings will be similarly affected.

When do you need to raise a safeguarding concern?

When you raise a safeguarding concern you need to check with the adult at risk if they give consent for you to do so. Sometimes it is necessary to raise a safeguarding concern even if it is contrary to the wishes of the person. You should consider: Does the person understand what has happened to them as in relation to the safeguarding incident?

Are there new accounting standards for going concern?

You’ve heard there are new requirements for both management and auditors, but you’re not sure what they are. This article summarizes (in one place) the new going concern accounting and auditing standards. For many years the going concern standards were housed in the audit standards–thus, the need for FASB to issue accounting guidance (ASU 2014-15).

When does a reporting entity become a going concern?

In preparing financial statements under GAAP, continuation of a reporting entity as a going concern is presumed unless and until the entity’s liquidation becomes imminent. Preparation of financial statements under this presumption is commonly referred to as the going concern basis of accounting.