Who is the top black police official in New York?

Who is the top black police official in New York?

The top black police official in New York City, Benjamin Tucker, went to Gracie Mansion on Sunday expecting the mayor to ask him to take the reins of the nation’s largest police force.

Who is the white police commissioner in New York?

Mayor Bill de Blasio defended his choice of a white police commissioner, saying the job was a “special calling.” First Deputy Commissioner Benjamin Tucker is the top black police official in New York City. Credit…

Who is the Black New York City Council member?

Robert E. Cornegy Jr., a City Council member from Brooklyn, agreed. He said Mr. Tucker was the official whom he would consult to discuss diversity in the Police Department or fair policing.

What did Bill de Blasio do for the police?

Mr. de Blasio has said he is committed to diversifying the city’s leadership and improving relations with the police in black and Hispanic neighborhoods, yet he has repeatedly opted for old-guard leaders for the Police Department.

Who is the black police chief of Phoenix?

As a Black woman who is from Phoenix, Jeri L. Williams, the city’s police chief, said community members sometimes had more patience and trust with her to get to the bottom of a critical incident before casting judgment.

Who is the black police chief in Portland Oregon?

After just a few months on the job, the white police chief in Portland, Ore., stepped down in June and handed over the reins to Chuck Lovell, a Black veteran of the department known for his deep community ties. “Part of it is representation, who’s at the table, who’s there when decisions are being made,” Chief Lovell said.

Who is the black chief of police in Los Angeles?

The department is headed by a Black chief, Medaria Arradondo, who has faced enormous challenges as street protests have grown violent and his officers have been criticized for abusing and mistreating Black residents.

Who was the black police chief who stepped down?

And Chief La’Ron D. Singletary of Rochester, N.Y., joined his entire command in stepping down amid intense backlash over his handling of the death of a Black man in police custody in March.