Who is the Seattle City Council member for multifamily?

Who is the Seattle City Council member for multifamily?

Zoning a neighborhood from single-family to multifamily is what city planners refer to as “upzoning.” Teresa Mosqueda, a City Council member and labor activist, has been one of Seattle’s most prominent advocates for diversifying zoning throughout the city.

How is the housing crisis affecting Seattle WA?

Nguyen left Section 8 housing when she was 23 and was eventually able to purchase a condominium in the Kent neighborhood south of Seattle. Now, she volunteers with the Washington Low Income Housing Alliance, where she tries addressing housing insecurity in Seattle through education and community organizing.

How is Mayor Jenny Durkan doing in Seattle?

Despite a booming economy, under Mayor Durkan, homelessness has gotten worse, we’ve seen an uptick in rape, murder, robbery and property crime, and Amazon is gradually ditching Seattle for Bellevue.

Are there any affordable housing developments in Seattle?

Real estate in the city is booming. But almost none of the new developments in Seattle are affordable to the majority of residents. As is the case in most cities, Seattle sets specific zoning rules that dictate what can or can’t be built in each of its neighborhoods.

Where can I watch Seattle City Council meetings?

This embedded YouTube live stream displays closed captions during Seattle City Council meetings and select events. You can also watch our broadcast with 24/7 auto-generated captions on YouTube. To hear audio of City Council meetings in progress, call the listen line at 253-215-8782 (Meeting ID: 586 416 9164, no meeting password)

Where can I live in Washington State instead of Seattle?

Live Here Instead 1 Everett, Washington. Just 25 miles north of Seattle lies Everett, the seventh-largest city in Washington. 2 Gig Harbor, Washington. Life moves a little slower in Gig Harbor. 3 Tacoma, Washington. Located 45 minutes from Seattle, Tacoma has a lot going for it. 4 Olympia, Washington. 5 Bothell, Washington.

Is there a Q13 News Channel in Seattle?

This page is for breaking news and live events. Looking for Q13 FOX Seattle newscasts? Watch Q13 News 24/7 here >>>

Which is better to live in Tacoma or Seattle?

Located 45 minutes from Seattle, Tacoma has a lot going for it. It’s cheaper, a lot less congested, and offers residents some incredible amenities. It’s no wonder it landed a spot on our annual Best Places to Live list. This city is the perfect place for outdoorsy people to call home.