Who can help with diabetes management?

Who can help with diabetes management?

Endocrinologist to Help With Blood Glucose Management. This doctor treats diabetes and other diseases of the endocrine system, and they can be especially important if your PCP does not work with many diabetes patients. This doctor will help you manage your blood sugar.

How do you manage diabetes in old age?

To help older people with diabetes to stay health and active are the following tips.

  1. Eat Healthy.
  2. Stay Active.
  3. Check Glucose Levels Regularly.
  4. Never Miss a Dose of Medication.
  5. Get Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Levels Checked Regularly.
  6. Examine Your Feet Every Day.
  7. Get Vaccinated.
  8. Hearing Tests.

What can diabetes lead to if not managed?

Diabetes can be effectively managed when caught early. However, when left untreated, it can lead to potential complications that include heart disease, stroke, kidney damage, and nerve damage. Normally after you eat or drink, your body will break down sugars from your food and use them for energy in your cells.

How do patients typically manage their diabetes?

For many people with diabetes, checking their blood glucose level each day is an important way to manage their diabetes. Monitoring your blood glucose level is most important if you take insulin. The results of blood glucose monitoring can help you make decisions about food, physical activity, and medicines.

Can type 2 diabetes be managed without medication?

Although there’s no cure for type 2 diabetes, studies show it’s possible for some people to reverse it. Through diet changes and weight loss, you may be able to reach and hold normal blood sugar levels without medication.

Who is the 57 year old type 2 diabetic?

CASE STUDIES Case Study: A 57-Year-Old Man With Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, and Microalbuminuria Jeffrey A. Luerding, MD Presentation R.C. is a 57-year-old man with type 2 diabetes first diagnosed 2 years ago. Other medical problems include obesity and hypothyroidism.

What kind of Doctor do you see for Type 1 diabetes?

Your family doctor may refer you to a doctor who specializes in taking care of people with diabetes, called an endocrinologist. Often, your family doctor will work directly with you to manage your diabetes. There are two main kinds of diabetes. In Type 1 diabetes, the body does not make insulin.

What to do if you have diabetes in an older person?

If you are overweight, work with your healthcare team to come up with a plan to lose weight. Be active. Walking and other forms of daily exercise can help improve glucose levels in older people with diabetes.

Why are older people more at risk for diabetes?

If you have diabetes, your doctor may screen you for depression or cognitive impairment. Older adults with diabetes are at higher risk for these conditions, compared with others their age who do not have diabetes. Having depression or cognitive impairment can make diabetes self-care challenging. Your diabetes management plan will cover how to: