Which is an example of a prospective employer?

Which is an example of a prospective employer?

Examples of Prospective employer in a sentence. Prospective employer means any person with whom the employee is seeking employment. Prospective employer includes not only the employing entity, but also all principals of that entity including all persons with ownership interests in that entity.

How can an employer find out about your education?

If the employer knows where you went to school, he might use that information to find out more about you. If the job is in a career field that matches your college degree area and the job opening is in the same area where you went to college, the employer might know some of your classmates or professors.

Can a potential employer ask about your college attendance?

Without it, he cannot call the school you attended to ask about your academic performance, attendance record or disciplinary record. If your potential employer inquires, he can find out the dates of your college or university attendance and whether you graduated.

How is Wonderlic used in the hiring process?

This test is used by employers during their hiring process. Wonderlic reports that it can improve employee productivity and reduce turnover by predicting which employees would have the most success in a position. It helps measure general mental ability as well as a candidate’s ability to understand instructions,…

Why do employers need to check your college degree?

While checking applicant’s college degrees may be an extra step in the process, a background check helps employers hire great talent. An education background check also helps the employer to know you better as a potential hire. What is an education background check?

Why are college graduates more attractive to employers?

A study done at the University of Maine showed that college grads are a lot more likely to report having good or very good health, being happier, exercising more, maintaining a healthy weight and are even four times less likely to smoke. Nice! Being a Better Candidate. College graduates are more attractive to employers.

Why do employers need to verify your education?

Here are some more reasons for employers to verify education: In today’s competitive job market, many candidates find that even entry-level positions often require a postsecondary degree. It’s not surprising that some applicants take to exaggerating their qualifications to improve their chances of getting hired.

Are there any companies that check your degree?

The fact of the matter is that employers do check your credentials. And here’s how: There are companies like Global Verification Network and other third party agencies that offer degree verification services.