Where did the idea of an anonymous board come from?

Where did the idea of an anonymous board come from?

What is an anonymous board? The concept of the anonymous board was born on the Japanese site 2channel in 1999. The essential idea is that every poster is completely anonymous. The board may be strictly text only or image and text (commonly referred to as an imageboard).

What does the word Anonymous mean in English?

Dictionary entry overview: What does anonymous mean? Familiarity information: ANONYMOUS used as an adjective is rare. nameless; unidentified; unknown; unnamed (being or having an unknown or unnamed source)

Is there an anonymous message board in Node.js?

Anonymous Message Board ISQA_3 – Anon Message Board About This message board is a Node.js project which uses Material Design Bootsrap for its front end elements. You can add a new board. You can add new threads to each board, and new comments to each thread.

Why do people post on anonymous message boards?

Another reason to begin posting on anonymous boards is the unique community and sense of humor all boards seem to have. The ability to post anonymously allows for people to voice what they really feel or make comments/jokes about things that are normally taboo.

Why are there anonymous boards on the Internet?

Anonymous boards are not just about the software allowing users to post anonymously, it is a cultural thing: on an anonymous board, you are simply expected not to fill in the field if your identity is not relevant to the discussion. Some sites use anonmyous board software, but regulars always post under a nickname.

When to use a name on an anonymous board?

In anonymous boards, names are used only when the identity of the speaker is relevant to the discussion. It doesn’t have to be a nickname: on some sites, you will see people using “OP” as their name, to indicate that they are the Original Poster of the thread.

Where can I find an anonymous discussion board?

Welcome to Edefeed! Anonymous discussion boards for every place. Hello, world! Welcome to Edefeed. LOCAL discussion forums/message boards for every place in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Ireland and Australia .

What is the meaning of the word Anonymous?

Lacking a name; not named and determined, as an animal not assigned to any species.. Without any name acknowledged of a person responsible, as that of author, contributor, or the like.. Of unknown name; whose name is withheld. anonymous pronunciation. How to pronounce, definition by Wiktionary dictionary. anonymous meaning. Powered by MaryTTS