Where can I find credible sources for a research paper?

Where can I find credible sources for a research paper?

Where to Find Credible Sources for Your Research PaperStart with a simple search. Avoid Wikipedia. Use online scholarly databases such as InfoTrac, LexisNexis, and EBSCO, which provide access to the latest research in hundreds of areas.Newspapers and magazines are also rich sources of information about what is happening now. Don’t forget the library.

Where can I find scholarly articles in a research paper?

Finding Scholarly ArticlesLook for publications from a professional organization.Use databases such as JSTOR that contain only scholarly sources.Use databases such as Academic Search Complete or other EBSCO databases that allow you to choose “peer-reviewed journals”.

How do I find an original article?

Articles may not explicitly state that original research was performed or empirical data gathered, even if it was. When viewing your results, look for indications that the author(s) conducted original research by reading article abstracts. The abstract is generally accessible by clicking on the title of the article.

How do I find an article from a specific topic?

Find Articles: You Have a TopicStep 1: Go directly to the database list here. Step 2: Look at the topics listed under Subject Areas.Step 4: Click on the appropriate subject area.Step 5: The next page will show you the alphabetical list of ALL the databases related to your topic. Step 6: Select an appropriate database.

How do you find a thesis article?

Here are nine different places where you can find (references to) papers that you may want to check:Ask your supervisor where to start. Read up on the basics in a textbook. References from the research proposal. Find a good review paper on your topic. Look for technical reports, theses, code documents etc. Google Scholar.

How do I find an academic article on Google?

Answered By: Lynn VanLeer Last Updated: Views: 50501On the Walden Library homepage, at the top of the page, click on Start Your Research.In the left box, click on Google Scholar.Enter the article title in the search box. Click the Search button.Find your article in the results list.

How do I find research articles on Google?

Find an article at Google ScholarGo to Google Scholar, enter the article title, and click Search: If available, your article should appear as one of the first few results:If you click an article’s title, you may be taken to a publisher’s site that will ask you to pay for full text.

How do you search Google Scholar effectively?

Pro tips for your literature searchGoogle Scholar searches are not case sensitive. Use keywords instead of full sentences. Use quotes to search for an exact match. Add the year to the search phrase to get articles published in a particular year. Use the side bar controls to adjust your search result.

How can I find a paper that cites another paper?

Access at http://www.scopus.com (using Raven when you’re not on campus). Type in the name of the paper you are interested in, and search. You can see all the papers that have cited the original paper by viewing the full record under ‘cited by’. Access at http://www.jstor.org (using Raven when you’re not on campus).

What is Google Scholar link?

Google Scholar provides a simple way to broadly search for scholarly literature. From one place, you can search across many disciplines and sources: articles, theses, books, abstracts and court opinions, from academic publishers, professional societies, online repositories, universities and other web sites.

How do I manually add paper to Google Scholar?

‘SIGN IN’ to your Google Scholar profile.Click on ‘My profile’To add publications, click on the + button and select from the list of the following options:

How long does it take for a paper to appear in Google Scholar?

For most publishers, it usually takes 6-9 months for the changes to be reflected in Google Scholar; for very large publishers, it can take much longer.