When to sue the trustee of a trust?

When to sue the trustee of a trust?

If you are the beneficiary to a trust and you believe that the trustee is withholding information from you or mismanaging the affairs of the trust, you need to consult with a qualified trust litigation attorney.

Who is responsible to follow the terms of a trust?

When someone dies and leaves their assets in a trust, it is the responsibility of the successor trustee to follow the terms of the trust. The law imposes many restrictions and requirements upon the trustee.

Is a trustee required to provide an accounting?

One of the most important duties that the trustee owes to the beneficiaries is the duty to provide them with an accounting of the trust’s finances.

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What should I ask the trustee of a trust?

Ask the trustee how they plan on sharing information about your relationship to the trust. You may also want to know what information you are entitled to about other beneficiaries of the trust.

When does a court seek to remove a trustee?

Short such provisions, the court on its own motion or on the petition of a co-trustee or beneficiary, can seek removal of a trustee on the following grounds: (1) Where the trustee has committed a breach of trust. (2) Where the trustee is insolvent or otherwise unfit to administer the trust.

What are the duties of a trust trustee?

As such, a trustee has many duties and responsibilities, which require the trustee to act in best interest of the beneficiaries and trust assets, within the purposes stated in the trust documents, and as a reasonable or prudent person in the trustee’s position role would do.

What happens if there is no successor trustee in a trust?

If there is no successor trustee named in the document, a vacancy is created in the office of trustee and, barring any provision in the trust to the contrary, the adult beneficiaries of the trust can elect a trust company step in as trustee.