When to start your own paint and SIP studio?

When to start your own paint and SIP studio?

If you love creativity, arts and socialization, as well as have a penchant for business, then you may want to think of starting your own paint and sip studio. The publicity and patronage of this unique business is on the rise and perhaps this is the right time to open a paint and sip studio.

Who is the owner of paint and SIP?

Steve Shannon® Paint and Sip Studio, Inc. is owned by Steve Shannon and his immediate family members. Steve Shannon is an artist per excellence. He has a BA. in Fine Arts, with over 15 years’ experience in the paint and sip industry.

Who is Steve Shannon in the paint and sip industry?

Steve Shannon® Paint and Sip Studio, Inc. is in the paint and sip studio industry to make profits and we will make available appealing classes and a wide range of art works from different artists and other related merchandise to our clients. Our product and service offerings are listed below;

What makes a good paint and SIP class?

On the average, an ideal Paint and Sip combines the fun and relaxation of a party with the challenge of a class. Guided by professional artists, the group will work at individual easels to create a masterpiece that is suitable for framing.

What to do at a paint and SIP studio?

A Paint and Sip experience is often enjoyed with BYO food and/or beverages of your choice, for example, coffee and cake, wine (or beer, if you prefer) and canapes or more. The emphasis of a Paint and Sip experience is to have fun with art so come along and Paint. Sip. Create. Does Paint and Sip Studios supply all the materials? Yes.

Where is paint and SIP studio in Louisville Ky?

Louisville, KY – St. Matthews. Paint & Sip Studio. 291 N. Hubbards Lane, Suite 160, Louisville, KY502.409.4572. Join us for an unforgettable evening of painting, drinking, and fun with friends and family in Louisville! We provide everything you need for a great night out.

How big does a sip and paint party need to be?

Sip and Paint© will exceed all expectations for a fun painting event. Schedule a private paint party any day of the week. The minimum group size needed to book a private event at our studio is an easy to meet 6 guests! Click the parties below for more information.

Is there a sip and paint class in Illawarra?

PAINT YOUR OWN MASTERPIECE WHILE RAISING FUNDS FOR THE i98 ILLAWARRA CONVOY! An evening of non stop fun, laughs and creativity! Your ticket includes a 2 course meal and a 2.5 hour paint & sip class. Pack your favourite bottle of vino, grab a few friends and head down to hottest night spot in town The Sip Studio.