When is the deadline to file a notice of objection?

When is the deadline to file a notice of objection?

However, if the objection is unsuccessful, a substantial amount of interest may have accrued. The deadline for filing a Notice of Objection is ninety days from the date of the Notice of (Re)assessment. If this deadline is missed, an extension of up to one year from its expiration date may be granted.

How long does it take to file an IFTA objection?

If you have a good reason for needing more than 180 days (30 days for IFTA objections) to file your Notice of Objection, you can apply to the Director of the Objections and Appeals Branch for an extension of time before the 180 days (30 days for IFTA objections) have expired.

Can a notice of objection be filed for a tax reassessment?

A Notice of Objection can be filed to most tax reassessments, although there are different deadlines and rules surrounding extensions of time for some tax statutes. For example, there is no extension request available if the objection deadline is missed for a reassessment under the Canada Pension Plan.

Do you have to pay if you file an objection in Ontario?

Yes, payment is required even if you have filed, or intend to file, a Notice of Objection. There are no provisions in the Ontario tax statutes that allow for the suspension of payment of an amount that has been assessed, but is in dispute, pending the outcome of the Notice of Objection or Notice of Appeal process.

When to file a notice of objection in Ontario?

Under an Ontario taxation statute, you must file a Notice of Objection within 180 days (for International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) objections, within 30 days) from the day the Notice of Assessment, Notice of Reassessment or Statement of Disallowance was mailed or personally delivered to you.

When to file an objection to a rule change?

The notice of the time fixed for filing objections to the proposed modification should set a date for a hearing to be held in the event that an objection is filed. Amendments to the title of this rule are stylistic and make no substantive change.

When does a movant have to file an objection?

To the extent a motion is filed and served in accordance with Local Rule 2002-1(b) at least twenty-one (21) days prior to the hearing date, however, the movant may establish any objection deadline that is no earlier than fourteen (14) days after the date of service and no later than seven (7) days before the hearing date.

When to file an objection to a plan confirmation?

An objection to confirmation of a plan shall be filed and served on the debtor, the trustee, and any other entity designated by the court, and shall be transmitted to the United States trustee, at least seven days before the date set for the hearing on confirmation, unless the court orders otherwise.