When do you have to give notice of resignation as head teacher?

When do you have to give notice of resignation as head teacher?

To leave at the end of the Autumn term (31st December), notice must be given by 31st October. To leave at the end of the Spring term (30th April) notice must be given by 28th February. The rules are slightly different if you’re leaving a head teaching post.

How many teachers have left the teaching profession?

In 2014, 11% of teachers, NQTs and experienced ones alike, left the teaching profession completely, showing that time has done nothing to alleviate an already desperate situation. This has left many secondary schools struggling to fill teacher vacancies, particularly in some subjects, such as Science and Maths.

How long do unpromoted teachers in Scotland have to give notice?

The situation is different for Scotland however, where unpromoted teachers only have to give 4 weeks notice and promoted teachers 2 months.

Why are so many teachers leaving the UK?

It is not just the regular positions that remain vacant: schools have reported increasing difficulties in appointing staff to senior posts and head teacher positions. The reasons for this mass exodus are many, many of them recurring: stress, workload, low pay, bad behaviour, and lack of respect to name a few.

Is there a way to resign from a teaching job?

However, there are ways to respectfully resign from your teaching position to move to another school. When trying to respectfully resign from a teaching job, it is a good idea to begin with a face-to-face conversation to control the story behind it. That, of course, means figuring out what the story will be.

When is the last day of school to resign?

Usually, it is the last day of the school year, but you may want to check with human resources and find out what date they require to avoid any issues with pay or benefits. When trying to resign respectfully, it can be challenging to work at another school once your colleagues get wind of the situation.

What are the legal implications of a forced resignation?

A forced resignation has certain legal implications that a voluntary resignation does not have. For instance, a forced resignation based on discrimination or retaliation could trigger employment discrimination law.

Why did I leave my job as a teacher?

As teachers, we often decide to move schools for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, we see insurmountable obstacles at our current school. Other times, it may be due to challenges with administrators or coworkers. It may even just be for a more appealing teaching job.