When did Enfield CT become part of Connecticut?

When did Enfield CT become part of Connecticut?

In 1683, the Town of Enfield was incorporated. At this time, the town extended east ten miles from the Connecticut River and south six miles from Longmeadow Brook. Five years later, on March 16, 1688, the townspeople purchased Enfield from a Podunk Indian named Notatuck for 25 pounds Sterling.

Who is the largest employer in Enfield CT?

Enfield is home to the U.S. headquarters of Danish plastic building toy manufacturer Lego, which was also the town’s largest employer. Hallmark Cards was the town’s second-largest employer.

What was the name of the village in Enfield?

Little villages with names like Wallop and Scitico were settled within Enfield’s 60 square miles during the first decades of the 1700s. In 1734 the eastern-most village was incorporated as the Town of Somers.

Where was the utopian village in Enfield CT?

The Utopian religious sect practiced celibate, communal living, and is today renowned for its simple architecture and furniture. Membership eventually dwindled, however, and the village disbanded. The property has since been redeveloped by the Enfield Correctional Institution, still located on Shaker Road. Pop.

What does custodial services do in Enfield CT?

Learn about building and grounds maintenance. The Custodial Services Division is responsible for the cleaning, care and upkeep of 25 town buildings.

Who is responsible for maintaining the road in Enfield CT?

The Highway Maintenance Division is responsible for maintaining approximately 180 miles of town owned roadway. The Refuse and Resource Management Division is responsible for the collection and disposal of trash and recyclables.

Who is responsible for snow removal in Enfield CT?

Live countdown clock for the time left residents have to clear their sidewalks after a snow event before they are violating the Town’s sidewalk ordinance. The Enfield Water Pollution Control Division is responsible for the efficient removal of pollutants from wastewater generated by the residents and businesses in Enfield.