What to do if someone dies in New Jersey without a will?

What to do if someone dies in New Jersey without a will?

Surrogate’s Court: If a New Jersey relative of yours dies without a Will (“Intestate”), and you wish to represent that person’s estate, you must get permission from the Surrogate’s Court. Each county has a Surrogate’s Court.

How does probate work in New Jersey estate?

Many people cringe at the utterance of the word “probate,” and if someone finds she’s been named the executor of an estate, her first instinct might be to turn and run. Although it is an exacting process that requires a lot of detail work, the basic procedure involves clear-cut steps in New Jersey.

Who are the best estate attorneys near me?

Top 10 Estate Attorneys near you. 1 1. Miner Law Offices. 2 2. The Geller Firm. 3 3. Law Office of Sally Bergman. 4 4. On Time Legal Mobile Document Assistance LLC. 5 5. EVEREST LEGAL DOCS.

Where to find a Super Lawyer in New Jersey?

Select a city to narrow down your search for a Super Lawyers rated estate planning & probate attorney in New Jersey Do you need to create a will or update an existing one? Find help with Super Lawyers. Estate planning and probate attorneys primarily advise clients in the creation of wills and plans to distribute inheritance assets.

Are there estate planning firms in New Jersey?

Member of three state bars (NJ, NY, and NC). The firm has extensive experience in Immigration, Green Cards, Naturalizations, Visa and Extensions, EADs, FFE’s, and I-290 (b) Motions. The firm also provides estate planning services (wills and powers of attorney), and traffic ticket defense in New Jersey.

Who are the Best Lawyers in New Jersey?

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Who is the best attorney for estate planning?

An attorney who specializes in estate planning and probate can help ensure a smooth transition and reliable management of your estate going forward. The right attorney will work diligently to see that your wishes are carried out and your goals met.