What to do if a contractor damages your home?

What to do if a contractor damages your home?

If a contractor damages your home, homeowners insurance typically helps pay for repairs. However, home insurance may not cover other scenarios involving a contractor working on your home, such as poor workmanship. GET A HOME QUOTE. When it comes to protecting your home, quality coverage makes all the difference.

What are the responsibilities of a restoration company?

When you are working on a restoration project, your company is responsible for the safety of your crew and the future safety and health of the homeowner. Some types of damage can be unseen, hidden inside walls or under cabinets. You are responsible for removing or remediating all of the damage so that future problems do not develop.

What do you need to know about fire remediation?

Fire and water restoration and mold remediation all require different skills and equipment. If you are completely new to this industry, you may want to start with a narrow focus — fire restoration, for example — and then add services on from there. The other consideration when deciding how and whether to limit your services is your location.

What happens if a contractor accidentally causes a fire?

If a contractor accidentally causes a house fire or some other damage to your home, your homeowners insurance may help cover the repair costs — though your insurer would most likely reach out to the contractor’s insurance company for reimbursement. Tip: Make sure your contractor has adequate insurance before you begin the project.

What should I expect from a mold remediation company?

If the mold area is accessible from the outside ( such as a crawlspace ), so much the better. A good mold remediation company will take care to keep your house clean while they do the work.

Can a moving company be responsible for damage to your home?

When there’s damage to the home, either the one you’re moving to or from, the mover is usually responsible. Heavy furniture, awkward boxes and long days at work can add up to dented drywall or a scuff across the floor. Before moving day, take photos of your home to record its condition.

When does a contractor have to do remedial work?

When defects are identified before the end of the defects liability period, the contract will generally allow the contractor to carry out necessary remedial work. However, if the client requires that works are opened up and tested, and then no defect is found, they will generally have to bear the costs.

What to do if you get damage from a removal company?

If you experience any damages with your removal company, you will need to contact the company immediately. You should also check their insurance and any BAR membership. Removal companies are often meticulous to ensure your belongings are safe and secure during transit.